Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 28, 2009 at 07:00 PM
ImageThe first time I laid eyes on Trish Murphy was right up front on a hot day in the Woodlands, Texas.  She was playing on the bill at Robert Earl Keens’ Texas Uprising Series back in 1998. Rosie & I recently got to chat with Trish about that very day and her eyes lit up as she proclaimed: “That was a great gig for me because I was the only chick on the bill !”  Classic.  And so is she. HMR has hitched their wagon on and off ever since.

As of late, TM has been riding the wave of the 70’s in a band called “Sky Rocket”. Her brother Darin,  he being of “Trish & Darin” fame that became one of the biggest draws in H-Town back in the early 90’s, is also aboard this project. I hear they’re quite good and pack them in. But the wrinkle nose pixie that I dig is the one who performs on her 2001 album “Captured”. Hard to believe that CD is that old. Recorded live at  the Saxon Pub (my fave spot in Austin) and Flipnotics,  it is Trish stripped down and sincere. This night at the Mucky Duck she kicked the show off dripping in sincerity. She dedicated “Lightining Strikes” to a sick pal she and Mr. Rusty had just visited in the hospital. “Love Never Dies” followed with TM flipping her flowing locks about getting comfortable. She proclaimed she adored being back in the “living room” feel of this venue.

“Date with an Angel” was sweet. A special dedication to a friend in Galveston with a new one “Candle” was touching.  By the time she did “All I Want” she was in full Trish mode.  A side splitting story and then a Slaid Cleaves rendition of 1996’s “St.Francis Rose” was hilarious. “The Trouble with Trouble” was next complete with her telling the crowd that the whole song was untrue. In fact, she proclaimed that all song writers tell lies!  HA!  Trish said kids are the ones who take the truth about it the hardest.

Lyle Lovett’s “Cowboy Man”, ultra sweet “Boiling Water” and a rockin’ good “Thelma and Louise” rolled the gig along at full tilt. Her sister was in the house so she dedicated a song about her,  “Scorpio Tequilla” !  Trish pointed out that she was the timid one of the sisters and wished she was more gutsy at an early age. It took her until the middle of her life to realize she did not have to take crap from people and wished that parents would teach that to their children. Amen sister.

“Eternal Dream” and “Blue Tattoo” showed me that her heart was still firmly in doing HER material and not a cover band.  She made another salute to the city of Galveston and charged into “Concession Stand Song” and a scorching “Hokus Pokus” to round out thee evening.  If I had my way, TM would be playing her stuff with a full band. I always thought she was super duper that way, but solo is killer,  too. I am not knocking her side project because you got to pay the bills these days and more power to her for sure. Here’s hoping she’ll get creative and knock out a new album soon. 2006’s “Ladies Get in Free” was her last.  The lady is versatile, as in fronting a full orchestra versatile. I’ll have to catch “Sky Rocket’ to catch how good she must be performing  Blondie and the like.

In closing, Trish Murphy has been a friend and supporter of HMR for a long time.  The last thing she said to me after taking a photo with her was to make sure I e-mailed her personal e-mail when pics and review were up.  You got it girl ! 10-4 and over and out kids, Edge..