Written by Jim Bille
Jun 19, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageJimmie Vaughan made a long over due stop in Houston last Saturday at Warehouse Live. I believe the last time JV was in town was for a show at this same venue back in 2006.

An added attraction to this version of the Tilt-a-Whirl band was the addition of a saxophone section consisting of two of the best in the business. The incredible duo of blues veterans Kaz Kazanoff and Greg Piccolo on baritone and soprano sax’s respectively, really bumped Jimmie Vaughan’s show up a couple of notches.

Not as if JV’s show needed any help but with these guys in tow, Saturday night’s crowded house really couldn’t sit still. They set a cool groove on most of the tunes and Piccolo’s solo work was reminiscent of his days with Room Full of Blues, with his wild hep-cat improvisational work.

The show was made up of tunes spanning most of Vaughan’s career. From the somewhat obscure T-Birds song, ‘Roll, Roll, Roll’, from the bands album ‘Butt Rockin’ to the Vaughan brothers instrumental, ‘DFW’ were just a couple of examples of the evenings musical mix.

About halfway through the set Vaughan welcomed Lou Ann Barton to the stage. Barton was on hand the last time JV played Warehouse as well. With her rough edged twang Barton worked the crowd with a variety of numbers well known to her fans. ‘Natural Born Lover’, ‘Sugar Coated Love’, and ‘Scratch My Back’ all featured Barton performing at her best. A Little Richard rock and roll medley of ‘Tutti Frutti, ‘Have Some Fun Tonight’ and ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’ seemed to be a crowd favorite. Jimmie and Lou Ann also teamed up on ‘In The Middle Of the Night’ and Vaughan’s rockin’, ‘Boom Bappa Boom’.

After being called back for an encore, Vaughan performed the tribute song to his late brother, ‘Six Strings Down’ and the Vaughan brothers, ‘DFW’.

It’s always a treat to see Jimmie Vaughan, especially when you never know who might be sitting in with the band. I hope he doesn’t wait so long to stop by Houston again.