Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jun 20, 2009 at 07:00 PM
ImageGot a chance to turn back the clock and rock out recently at the Sam Houston Race Park Showgrounds concert series in Houston.  Lou Gramm of Foreigner fame was opening up for fellow dinosaur Eddie Money. I use dinosaur in a very good way my friends, these two bands take me back to my college days and that is not “yesterday” by any means. HA!  Whenever I get the pleasure of checking out these 70’s/80’s bands these days, the first thing you measure was did they “mail it in” and rest on their laurels or did they “bring it” fresh?

This sultry evening in NW H-Town they BOTH brought it for sure! Hit after hit filled the air to thee enjoyment of all who came out.  Gramm came out first and rolled into treasures like “Double Vision”, “Dirty White Boy” and “Cold as Ice”.  When LG announced “Here’s the first hit Foreigner had back in 1977,” the opening chords of “Feels Like the First Time” truly made me realize it was flashback city folks! Understanding the words to killer tunes was what the 70’s & 80’s were all about. Imagine that?!

“Head Games”, “Midnight Blue” and a scorching “Juke Box Hero” had all the “cougars” in the crowd rockin’ up a storm. Little Lou (dude must be 4′ tall) hammered away at a cow bell for most of the night and was probably the happiest person in the place when the sun finally went down on his set with a killer “Hot Blooded” !  It was hot out there, but these “youngsters” played thru it wonderfully.

The Money Man, Eddie, burst out onto the stage with his monster hit “Two Tickets to Paradise” and he was off and running. “Think I’m in Love” was real nice. Eddie is a performer that I’ve followed from the get go in his career back in 1977. I sported a hand sewn jean jacket with his signature moniker on the back for over 20 years! He was always a ball buster and tonight was no different.

He fired out one liners how he won $500 at the track (don’t tell his wife!),  wondered aloud whatever happened to MTV and mused about selling 37 million records and where was the money now??  Classic. EM had a wrinkle up his sleeve when he introduced his 21 year old pop tart daughter Jesse to help sing “Take Me Home Tonight”.  Sweet.  Now letting her do 2 songs on her own was a bit much, but Eddie clearly needed a breather. Another big highlight to me was when he did “I Wanna Go Back”. Talk about literally going back in time and singing along was pure bliss to the older based crowd.

“Gimme Some Water”,  “Shakin'”, “If I Could Walk on Water” (Eddie on sax!) and the radio friendly love song “Baby Hold On” were super duper indeed.  Just when thee exhausted performer-and crowd- thought there was no more to give, the Money Man rolled out back to back chestnuts “No Control” and a rousing “Everybody Rock ‘N Roll the Place” !!!  Wow.  2 + hours of sweat soaked rock poured out of this 60 year old dudemeister.

Between the 2 bands they have produced many platinum albums over the 30 plus years they’ve been rockin’ out.  Quite amazing.  Seeing the crowd mouthing the words to the classic hits was an enjoyable experience indeed.  Eddie summed it up well when telling the crowd how different life is now, but we need to have faith in this proud country of ours and support it and our troops.  Hats off to all those who supported rock and roll this muggy evening in Houston, Texas !  I can’t go without also tipping my cap to the fine ladies (Gina, Mandy & Emily) who roll out the red carpet for me and my staff out at SHRP.  Thank you just doesn’t seem enough……………Peace and Live music rule.