Written by Samuel Barker
Sep 04, 2009 at 10:00 PM
ImageWhen I first saw Scott H. Biram back in December of 2008, it was a pretty mellow show. Biram brought his mix of rock, blues and country, the audience was rocking out, but in the end, a spilled beer was as wild as the show got.

On this night at Rudyard’s, it got wild.

Kicking off with the opening track from his new album, Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever, Time Flies, Biram got the blood flowing in the room. The pounding drive of his footboard, the percussive strumming and rhythmic singing got the bodies in the room moving. People danced on the stage, lit sparklers and got wild.

As tracks like “Plow You Under,” “Work” and “Blood, Sweat and Murder” put everyone in a frenzy, the night raged on. Chaos was the order of the night as tables flew, glass broke, fights broke out and alcohol flowed forth. Scenes from juke joints past played out in Rudyard’s on this night. At no point was someone not on the stage next to Biram dancing, despite cries from his megaphone to “get off my motherfuckin’ stage!”

Not one to be happy with just playing the expected tracks from his discography, Biram mixed in a few choice covers from Muddy Waters and other bluesmen. Alternating between classic blues runs, killer slide work and overdriven punk rock on his Gibson Explorer, Biram kept the sound fresh and the energy pumping.

As the sweaty, exhausted audience screamed for more as “Blood, Sweat and Murder’s” last notes rang out, Biram grabbed his harmonica to knock out “Ain’t It a Shame.” Biram left everything on the stage during his 90 minute set.

If you do one thing in the near future, make your way out to see this fine Texas son. Scott H. Biram is the real deal and someone you definitely need to see. Go out and listen to this one, you won’t be sorry.