Written by Abel Carmona
Sep 29, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageIt’s that time of year again, that’s right boys and girls Gwar made their annual stop in Houston this time to destroy the Warehouse. I got inside the Warehouse at the end of Job For a Cowboys set, which was a good thing from what I heard. Now I’m all down for some metal music, but these guys were just a little too much for me. The few songs I heard all sounded the same and I couldn’t understand a word the vocalist would say, it was either so deep and thrashed or screamed and a pitch so high I was surprised glass wasn’t breaking somewhere.

Now I been to probably about 5 or 6 Gwar shows in my life, most are about the same but they always bring something new to the stage each time. So with the latest album “Lust in Space” that was just released a few months ago I figured I’d come down and have some fun and see what was new with Oderus and the boys.

The show was started with the showing of a video mocking of VH1’s behind the music, that went in to the telling of the story of how Sleazy P. Martini found Gwar and how they came to be a band. It lasted about 20 minutes and had most in the crowd laughing. As the video ended Gwar was already on stage and went in to their first song. Now for those who have been to a Gwar show you know it doesn’t take long for the blood to start flying.

As soon as the second song was over a new character named Sawborg Destructo came on stage along with some other robot who didn’t last long as Sawborg and Oderus were quick to disembowel the robot spraying blood all over the crowd.  This would be only the first of the many times the crowd got doused in some sort of fluid. Within a few more minutes the robot was back this time with a huge gun and wasted no time in covering the crowd and stage in a green slime.

Now what was the best part of the show for me and one of the funniest things I have seen Gwar do onstage was they had a guest appearance from none other than the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.  As MJ and Oderus were talking, Oderus began to play the “got your nose” game with Michael which ended with Michaels whole face being ripped off to reveal a boney skeletal face that poured blood all over the crowd while he did some of MJ’s famous dance moves.

All in all I enjoyed myself at the show and like always I don’t go to hear Gwars music cause to tell the truth I could only name you a handful of Gwar songs, But I always enjoy their live shows.  Now for the boys and girls who haven’t been to a Gwar show I went through the rules of going to a Gwar show the last review I did of them, but I’ll touch on them again

#1.  Wear something you never plan on having clean again, while most of the blood and stuff wash out I wouldn’t go wearing your best shirt out.

#2.  Be prepared to be wet and sliding all over the floor, this is one for those who like to mosh or crowd surf around at shows.

#3.  Do not come to the show if you are offended very easy, Gwar has no limits when it comes to blasting things like gays, race, religion and political and social issues.

#4. Do not come to the show if you are easily grossed out, again Gwar doesn’t censor themselves when it comes to things like cutting off body parts, Performing sex acts and of course covering the crowd with massive amounts of fluids

#5. And finally if you’re going to go to a Gwar show understand the rules and go with an open mind and know that it’s all in good fun and just enjoy yourself and have a good laugh.