Written by Eddie Ferranti
Oct 03, 2009 at 07:30 PM
ImageA band we have not seen in over a year popped into the Mucky Duck for two long awaited gigs recently, The Greencards. Rosie and I had gotten accustomed to seeing them more often when they were based in Austin. However,  their increasing acclaim in that music town led them to move on to another hot bed, Nashville where things have taken off for this outfit. And rightfully so.

Touring behind their latest release, “Fascination”, the band sounded better than ever. The Greencards style has been pegged as progressive bluegrass and “newgrass”. I simply call it JAMGRASS myself !

From the opening bell this band got the crowd’s attention. Whether it is Kym Warner stepping out on mandolin,  Eamon McLoughlin manically playing the violin or sweet Carol Young cooing her angelic pipes, it is all good. Plus, the addition of killer guitarist Jedd Hughes has really amped up the jamming. The 2 & 3 guy sessions were off the charts and had the Mucky Duck howling !

A new one penned by CY, “The Avenue”, really stepped up and flat out rocked. “Time” followed that one and it was fluffy smooth and silky. The title cut was also very good and bodes well for the popularity of their 4th album.  Their harmonies are so right on always and the sense of humor they throw in thru out is playful and effective.  Like when Carol spoke of a 90 year old fan in Gettysburg recently coming up to her after the gig and proclaiming: “I really dug you guys-even the weird stuff!”. Classic, but true with The Greencards.

Chestnuts like “Lonesome Side of Town” and “Bury Me Beneath the Old Willow Tree” stood out. The years of touring has made them a lot stronger and produced their own type of sound that cannot be pigeoned hole into any particular style other than bad ass. This is really evident on their latest release for sure.  Carol Young runs this show with her gypsy goth like outfits and punky ass bass poses throughout the show.

Considering they consider Ricky Skaggs, Bob Dylan, Fairport Convention and David freakin’ Bowie as inspirations says a ton about the off the wall parameters of this band. Hell, they were invited to tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson back in 2005!  I could go on and on with the many accolades this squad has received, such as being nominated for a Grammy award (“Mucky the Duck”-inspired by one of the band’s favorite venues!) at the 50th Grammy Awards or being the only international band to ever reach #1 on Billboard’s Music Chart with their critically acclaimed “Veridian” in 2008.

Impressive indeed, but you’ll never meet a more grounded group of talented individuals than these.  The way they serenaded the crowd at thee encore with the title cut of their second album, “Weather and Water”,  ending up in a circle OUT in the crowd was most moving and sweet.  I miss not seeing this band more often, but am impressed how they’ve grown and continue to carve out their niche in thee Americana music scene.  God Bless the Greencards and y’all……………Later Eddie “Edge” Ferranti