Written by James Dillon
Jun 25, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageThe other night I went and saw Ben Kweller at the House of Blues, and as soon as Mr. Kweller took the stage I instantly became quite irritated with myself. Why on earth had I not been listening to him? I have no good. I’ve known about him for roughly five years now, a few close friends of mine are huge fans of his, I even have a few songs of his on my computer. Oh well, I suppose it is one of those “better late than never” situations. If anyone reading this is guilty of the same mistake that I am, please rectify the situation immediately.

Due to trying to find a parking spot downtown (I really need to start riding my bike to shows even when I don’t plan on drinking) I missed all but the last half of the last song of the opening band Jones Street Station. The two minutes of their set I caught seemed like it had promise, but I really can’t fairly judge them.

Still relatively early in the evening Kweller took the stage, to the screams of a good number of teenage girls. Normally bands that have that many young girls screaming “you’re so hot” at them are shitty manufactured pop, but Kweller is quite the opposite. Kweller posters may hang on ceilings of girls bedrooms, but his music is pretty grown up.

As I stated earlier in my review, I am not very familiar with Kweller’s work, so I am not sure how diverse his set list was, but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. Considering that Kweller was on tour for his most recent album (which I will be sure to acquire soon) “Changing Horses”, I assume a good chunk of that was played. A brand new song was also added into the mix.

In addition to playing his indie/country/pop/rock songs very well, Kweller is an excellent front man. Telling a few stories, including why he canceled his Cactus Records in store appearance (he’s sorry!) the crowd hung to his every word.

Kweller has since ended his summer tour in his once-again home state of Texas, but his records are still on store shelves. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t give the guy a listen. Maybe you’ll be like me and realize you’ve been making a mistake for years now.