Written by Samuel Barker
Feb 26, 2010 at 10:00 PM
ImageWhen you’ve spent a long time covering concerts, it is really hard to get overly infatuated with the bands you see. Even those that are undeniably talented, the sheer volume of performers witnessed makes it hard for a newer act to truly stand out.

With that mindset, I walked into Warehouse Live to check out The Heartless Bastards. I had heard their name for a while, knew they were on Fat Possum Records, which is a good sign of the band’s quality of music in my opinion, but I had been “meaning to check them out,” much like you keep meaning to check out that buddy’s new boat, for over a year.

Well, what a wasted year it was. The rock quartet, led by Ericka Wennerstrom, have it down. When a band hits that first note, you can feel pretty quickly how much force they pack in their sound. The first note on this night hit like a right hook from a heavyweight boxer. You could feel it down low and there was enough finesse to have people moving along. Something special happens when you combine force and finesse.

The set rocked along through much of their latest release, Mountain and touched on their past releases as well. For me, I was only familiar with the track on Mountain and was delighted to see jewels like Had to Go and The Mountain brought to life with the sheer rock n’ roll swagger of the band.

Throughout the set, it was crystal clear this band had it. You see so many bands who walk through the motions but when you feel the songs like I did on this night, it all comes together perfectly. I could not imagine finding a band that was tighter that The Heartless Bastards, to be honest. This was a great night and a great show. Be sure to check them out next time they come to town.

To close, I even bought a shirt at the show. It is rare for me to ante up $15 for a t-shirt, but I did on this night. The band was killer and I would love to show off any support I can as I walk through my day. Be safe out there!