Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jul 09, 2010 at 07:30 PM
ImageHad the pleasure to check out yet another cool outlet for live music in Houston recently. Nestled in a nice quiet neighborhood in the Heights is Heights Presbyterian Church.

Yes, I said a church for live music. Hosting the “Heights Live!” Family Friendly Concert series is what it is called. What I saw was a nice clean set up with very comfortable seating. Door fee ranges from $10-15 a gig and it is BYOB. They even provide free pie at the break! Nice homey touch indeed. Even the bathroom had a “hook” on it to close the door. The 7:30pm start time is always welcome. And oh yeah, there is music.

This night, a gent by the name of Jason Eady was playing. He hails from Mississippi and he did a fine job. Proclaiming there were no more good country radio stations anymore he launched into his first set promoting a country type set for his next album. He did a “country protest song” called “Country Heaven Never Found Country Hell,” which was cool. Others that hit home were “Longer Walk in the Rain” and “Gospel According to Luke”. After the delicious pie break, he did a set that I found more to my liking. JE possesed a Jim Croce kind of sound that was most appealing. The song titles and lyrics kind of blended together to this reviewer (and maybe the BYOB helped that!), but some chestnuts were:

– “Redemption Burns Like Gasoline But Smells like Desire”
– “Get Down on My Knees and Pray”
– Townes Van Zandt tune “She Loves Me Like I Want Her To”
– ” God Don’t Make Me Go Back to Jackson”
– ” I wrestled with the Devil and sometimes I’d win and sometimes I’d lose”

The second set was definitely more jammin’ and upbeat. It had the crowd of 25 or so screaming out an AMEN during the heartfelt encore.  Pastor Mark has even played in the Indigo Girls band at one time. These folks are so sweet and refreshing. Tracy Brandon handles the entertainment agency side which definitely has a pipeline to Austin happening here folks. They have an aggressive, yet nice e-mail E-Vite way of keeping you abreast of the gigs coming up, too.  All in all, this venue has grabbed the attention of Houston Music Review and we will be back!  Hats off to music guru Fred Mackey for steering HMR their way…Peace and keep rockin’!