Written by Abel Carmona
Jul 24, 2010 at 09:00 PM
ImageHouston’s own Blue October treated the hometown fans by stopping in to perform one of very few acoustic shows in a small select city tour. Acoustic shows to me are always a risky endeavor cause it go one of two ways, really good and kick ass or really bad with a crowd of blank stares looking at you. With that in mind I walked up to the House of Blues and saw a line that stretched from the upper levels, down the stairs and then around the corner.

I had heard that their show was sold out do fast they had to add a second; I was thinking surely all these people weren’t here for just the first show at the HOB which isn’t a huge venue to begin with. To make it more interesting they also we’re not the more than usual play one this night and one the next. Nope Blue October did both in one night which also added to my thinking they would have to rush through their set in order to keep on time to do both shows.

So as the doors of the HOB opened up and the placed filled up quickly, at the stroke of 9pm sharp the lights went dim. Blue October walked out to a huge ovation, but didn’t revel in it too long as they went straight to work and opened the night up with “Ugly Side” followed by “The Answer”. Both were adequately portrayed as acoustic songs, but I could tell that a lot of fans with the exception of the true hardcore Blue October fans, didn’t know these songs.

Afterward, Justin spoke to the fans for a few minutes saying they were going to try to play some of their lesser known songs to change things up a bit, while still giving the fans what they came for. They then went in to “Say it” and “Dirt Room” two of their biggest tracks to date.  “Dirt Room” was actually pretty awesome as an acoustic cut. The rest of the set was a mix and match of old and new that featured “Picking up Pieces”, “X Amount of Words”, “Jump Rope” and “Calling You”.

One thing I took the most notice of was how much more of Ryan Delahoussaye’s violin could be heard during the set. During a regular full out electric set He gets his solo moments and also plays during most songs, but he usually gets drown by the guitars and drums. Tonight with the acoustic setting his violin could be well heard throughout the night and at times it was the most pronounced sound in the room, next to Justin’s vocals.

As I said in the beginning acoustic shows can be really good or really bad, in tonight’s case Blue October did a stellar job with their set. For as many people that were there the shows still had a nice intimate feel to it, and just knowing the guys had to get ready to do it all over again for the next show that was to start right after. Goes to Show that for as big as they have gotten they seem to remember where they came from and will always give that little extra for the hometown fans.

1. Ugly Side
2. The Answer
3. Say It
4. Dirt Room
5. Been Down
6. Come In Closer
7. Into The Ocean
8. For My Brother
9. Colorado 5591
10. Picking Up Pieces
11. Jump Rope
12. Blue Skies
13. X Amount of Words
14. Calling You
15. Should Be Loved
16. Hate Me
17. Blue Does
18. Italian Radio
19. The End