Written by Eddie Ferranti
Aug 06, 2010 at 08:00 PM
ImageQueensryche has been pumping out their prog rock/heavy metal sound since 1981. They’ve sold over 20 million records worldwide. “Operation : Mindcrime” was their big score and in fact was the inspiration for the last tour they did thru H-Town. This go around they were bringing in new members to the band.

Tonight’s line-up featured  Scott Rockenfeld, Michael Wilton,  Eddie Jackson, and Parker Lundgren, but the current line-up features the only thing that really matters -Geoff Tate on lead vocals.  He’s a showman and this night he was asked to be an actor, too to mixed results. The 2010 tour is dubbed the “Queensryche Cabaret”, where the goal was to combine a cabaret mystique with a rock show.  I’m talking Go-Go and burlesque dancers, drag ass queens (nasty!), contortionists, aerial artists,  and other “elements”.

Well to me the MAIN element was lost early on, which was a semblance of a rock show. This was a veiled attempt to mix a “tit-tub” with a rock music gig.  Judging by the at least 20-1 male population this night, the T&A survived to the drunks in the crowd. To a music lover like myself it was weak.  No flow to the show whatsoever.  Up to 10 minutes between songs sucked the life out of the experience.  On a school night no less.

To go from “Operation: Mindcrime” full length to this??   Granted this was my third time covering these dudes and checking out the crowd is always a hoot.  The styles of clothes and hair are a thing to behold indeed.

Image Back in the 80’s, QR got caught between glam hair rock and heavy progressive metal.  So did their fans judging by some of the weird ass haircauts and spandex like clothing in attendance!  QR did give ya 18 songs and 2 hours, but so much Vegas like crap really spoiled it in my view.  Tate tried hard and did well on production like numbers “Another Rainy Night” and “The Lady Wore Black”.  He was decked out like a ring leader of sorts including tails and top hat at times. “Jet City Woman” was bad ass and “Empire” was done in the old fashion rock style.

All in all, if I want to see scantly clad women, Houston has tons of places to do that.  Don’t bring it to my rock concert please…………..See around town ladies & gents!