Written by Eddie Ferranti
Aug 29, 2010 at 06:00 PM
ImageOne of thee most highly anticipated shows of 2010 finally arrived for Rosie and me at The Mucky Duck in Houston.  The return of Baskery to one of our favorite gig spots turned out to be steamier than the weather in Southwest Texas this night!   This was our third time to catch the three Swedish sisters Greta, Stella, and Sunniva Bondesson at this fine music haunt.  This evening the band not only covered their first album, “Fall Among Thieves”, but also introduced a bunch of new tunes that will be on the next album whenever “all the crap is settled” according to Greta.  One thing for sure- there was NO crap about their performance.

Proclaiming they were a bit tired and hoped it did not affect the gig, the girls churned into “The Wise” and the onslaught was on.  Describing their music as “killbilly” and “mud country” to name a few adjectives, the ladies are relentless in their presentation. Greta is unreal in her multiple dimensional persona tearing thru a “banjitar”, a banjo with guitar strings so she can create a sound that has to be seen to be believed.  She also handles a drum/tambourine with her bare feet, plus harmonica and vocals. Image Unreal.  Stella provides a steady bottom on stand up bass that has a really sexy look to it.  And the youngest spitfire of the trio Sunniva is kickin’ her leg out, jumping on the drum kit, or just wailing on her guitar big time.  “Haunt You” was off the charts bad ass.  The harmonies on “Hold On” and “Oscar Junior Restaurant Bar” were sweet as hell.

All of them have beautiful voices that blend wonderfully. “Harsh” had a build up that scorched the joint.  Greta about brought the place down on her intro to “Here to Pay My Dues”.  I cannot say enough about the raw energy these gals explode in your face on every tune in an effortless manner.  At festivals in Canada, France, Ireland, Denmark and Norway they play stadium stages!   Even the quirky tune “Out-Of-Towner” rocked live.  Everything rocks!   Greta snorting her hair out of her face as she pummeled the banjitar was sexy as hell.

Believe it or not a lot of the new stuff has even a harder rock feel to it if that can be possible. The price of admission was paid in full seeing the steam rise from the stage as they TORE thru “One Horse Down”, which had the full house basically stunned when it finished!   These scorchin’ hot lasses only played fourteen gigs this run thru the USA.  Hats off to the Mucky Duck for yet again snaring this trio.  They continue to bring in the best up close jammin’ music of all types and it is always worth your while to slide into the pub on Norfolk………….As far as Baskery, have you booked another date yet?!  Cannot wait…………..Until then CYA OUT!