Written by Eddie Ferranti
Dec 17, 2010 at 08:00 PM
Rose and I recently had thee absolute pleasure of catching a multi-talented performer by the name of Ginger Leigh in three different arenas. HMR has been on her tail for a few years now and the “triple shot” of coverage began November 26 when she tackled the role of “Maureen” in the play RENT at the Zach Scott theater in Austin, Tx.  Girl did 47 shows total during the play’s run and was superb; barely really acting being that her character was her almost to a tee. Brassy and sassy and in control. That’s Ginger.

The next stop was back to what she does best and that is perform in a listening type room like the Anderson Fair in Houston, Tx on 12/10. GL jumped in head first with a couple of upbeat tunes from her latest release “Better Than Well” with “Time to Move On” and a killer “Jetstream”. Considering the woman had just returned from Europe where she played a headlining gig in Italy it was amazing how much energy she had. New one “Godspeed” followed and then she dusted off a request of “Whisper” that she had not done in over 2 years.

GL is very demonstrative and joyful always. She can be like a real life animated cartoon on stage and then slide into a hot and sexy Elvis personality when doing “Come on Funny Feeling” ! She is a heavy self promoter and why not in this dog eat dog internet heavy world that musicians are forced to deal with to make a living. Ginger was beyond listening to her audience when a request for “Over the Moon” from RENT was shouted out.  GL nailed it and that is no small feat in a tiny quiet atmosphere that is Anderson Fair. Other gems from the evening were “Close Enough”, “Lover”, “Rain Down” and a stellar “Mexican Man”.

I personally like her no nonsense approach to entertaining a crowd, which included showing her ass for real in RENT!

It is always give and take with GL and that leads us to the third leg of HMR’s coverage in San Antonio,Texas at a place called Casbeers at the Church……….
GL showed she was a trooper, but did not feel well at all. She toughed it out though and gave a big shout out to HMR sitting in the first “pew” of this very odd venue.  She showed her true funny self by doing “spasms” depicting how we all feel the urge to over indulge during the Holidays!   Classic.  Wearing “a little animal” vest she killed it with “Time to Move On” and “Lover”.  “Sugar in My Coffee” was sweet as hell with “I WANT you” lyric punctuated throughout. Very hot “Jetstream” and a shout out to her absent guitar pal John Pointer on “Better Than This” was neato. “Merry Christmas” put everybody in the seasonal mood followed by a well needed shot of something to weather the storm!   The $2.75 16 ounce Pabst Blue Ribbons were doing the trick for this reviewer (and I FELT it the next day!) and after GL rid herself of the vest she went after it the best she could to the finish. Calling out patrons “who needed a muzzle” and rejecting request of “Poetry Man” because I just don’t do it were epic come backs indeed.

Like I said Ginger gives big time, but will take back when it is warranted. “My perversions are mine” stuck with me long after the gig as GL sipped some well needed cocktail. “Charge Laughing” (always strong) was done last because she wanted to do it.  Period.
In closing of this different type review I want to say Leigh is a profound singer-songwriter-actress who has released 8 albums to date and toured the world. Ginger cares about the music and more so she cares about and touts other musicians.  She never lets you down and always has made me feel entertained whenever I’ve seen her. Her personality and music are one in that passion empowers throughout every gig.  I feel the need to sit up and take notice and those killer eyes she flashes at ya with a wink and smile make it easy to enjoy thee experience………Get off your too-too and go support somebody!