Written by Eddie Ferranti
Dec 18, 2010 at 12:00 AM
Image     Day two of a recent visit to San Antonio ruled in many special ways for Rose and I.  We headed to a neato joint called The Cove to have delicious din-din and we were not disappointed whatsoever. We’d been here before catching our beloved Stone Coyotes a year or so ago and really like this establishment but more on that later. The “dessert” we got (beside’s Rose’s slice of carrot cake) was thee entertainment.

A lady by the name of Alexa James was passing thru with an unexpected 4 piece set up!  AJ grew up in The Woodlands and Albuquerque and has toured 30 countries.  After spending too long years in Nashville and tiring of “the sound” there she is now based out of Los Angeles. She recently hauled in the Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year award at the 2010 LA Music Awards.

Girl is on a tour from there to Mobile, Alabama this go round by car. Now that is the kind of stuff HMR likes to support. Her new release, “You Are That To Me”, is a nice ‘lil ditty from what we caught.

AJ opened with a sweet cover of “We Can Work It Out” making the lyrics so real and timeless.  Decked out in an eye-catching ensemble of a sexy red pop tart skirt over blue jeans was hot and James filled it out quite nicely. The title cut was tender with the message of knowing you are loved at this very moment just the way you are.  Being this was our Christmas “Fluff Trip” it fit well. “I Wanna Be the One” expressed the need to feel special and make others feel the same way.

I caught how Alexa liked to just sit in the crowd early on and talk to the people in earnest, asking them where they were from and such. She beams a positive vibe which is cool. The band kicked it for a holiday “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and the overall performance was energetic and authentic in nature.  AJ’s pop rock with good hooks-and-good looks- is something HMR will keep on the watch list for the future……….

Image     As far as The Cove, YOU HAVE TO GO to this place if you are ever in the Alamo City. We ate like piglets feasting on their famous fish tacos, baby spinach salad, chicken pablano soup and killer sweet potato fries!  ALL for under $35.  Bar service friendly and their selection of over 100 beers is awesome.

HMR always trying to help y’all enjoy life!  God Bless until the next time!