Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jan 27, 2011 at 08:00 PM
HMR is always willing to take a chance on a tip from respected music lovers.  One such tip came from the Mucky Duck on the duet of Doucet & McClelland.  The first time we caught them Rose & I were very impressed.  The second time recently was just down right breathtaking.

Canadian born Luke Doucet and Canadian raised Melissa McClelland have been married since 2006.  Together they form a magical blend on stage with her strong vocals and his down right nasty guitar work.

I had the pleasure of seeing MM when she came thru town with Sarah McLachlan as a back up singer in 2010 where she displayed a fantastic set of pipes. http://www.houstonmusicreview.com/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1128&Itemid=7

Starting out with a “tune-up” jam of sorts Doucet got the crowd’s attention immediately.  “Girl Can Dream” highlighted the soulful voice of McCelland and the “reverb freak” skills of LD !   Dude looks like Angus Young on profile and can handle the axe accordingly.

The duo showed constant dry humor poking fun at themselves throughout the gig especially when referring to the cold ass winters in Canada.  New tune about Luke first meeting Melissa’s parents “Hey Now” was tongue in cheek cool.  “Monkeys in Our Tree” flat out rocked and “Skyway Bridge” was a tribute to a well known Canadian band Blue Rodeo whom they’ve toured with for years.  “Airing Out the Baggage of Our Love” displayed super “jamability” by Doucet!   “Glenrio” was very strong and “One Day You’re Gonna Miss Me” strikingly rocked to the intermission!

Doucet has won many accolades including 2008’s Number #1 moment of the year for “Blood’s Too Rich” album by the Toronto Star.  His current band includes his wife, Rich Levesque and Gord Stevenson called White Falcon. The band’s namesake, the prominent white badass Gretsch guitar, has become LD’s musical and visual calling card.

But this night belonged to the “fuzzy funk” he pumped out on “God Loves Me”, “Long Haul Driver” , and “When the Lights Went Off in Hog Town”!   A sterling moment was when the soaring vocals of McClelland were the focus as she wandered out deep in the crowd with the lights out and chilled the audience with “Would You Like to Come Over for Tea”.  Doucet changed gears one more time and produced a Neil Young sounding “You Gotta Get It” with jamming licks galore.  Melissa lookin’ hot by the way in her form fitting black dress was not hard on the eyes all night!   The closing ride of “Today is Victoria Day”, a backhand jab at Ohio on “Roller Coaster”, “Bloods Too Rich” and “Girl in Orange County” wore this reviewer out.

Roller coaster is a good way to sum this gig up.  The ease and rush blend of McClelland’s sit up and take notice vocals sliding into the riff thick funky funk delivered from every angle by Doucet.  CATCH these Canadians if and when you can……………….Good Night!