Written by Michael Pittman
Mar 04, 2011 at 08:00 PM
It’s been a while since I really saw Hayes Carll, but I got the chance to catch up at Dosey Doe. Hayes doesn’t sit still very long if he sits down at all and this latest swing through our neighborhood was no different, so it was a huge deal when I was able to sit down across from Hayes after sound check and do an uninterrupted interview! Matt Mathews had initially planned to be there, but at the last minute (literally!) couldn’t and sent me his notes. That interview is coming up so I won’t say much more than how impressed I was at what a gentleman Hayes is. You’ll want to stay tuned for that article.


This HAS to be Hayes’ year. The new record is barely a month old and already the tour dates and appearances are stacking up and times are busier and busier. He was on a swing of back to back nightly shows through Beaumont, Galveston and Houston when he was snagged away from an in-store appearance to fly to Nashville to sing 2 songs, flying back in time to make it to an interview followed by the gig that night. You may or may not know that he was on The Jay Leno Show last January 21st fronting a band featuring his good friends John Evans and Travis Linville.


That night Dosey Doe was sold completely out and over 300 fans of all ages were ready to welcome Hayes to back to his hometown. Widely considered a true leader in the resurgence of Texas songwriters, he carries the songwriting torch of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt around the country. When he took the stage, he was home and seemed ready to show the hometown crowd that he was up to the task and proved it for the next 90 minutes.


Most of the show spotlighted the new CD called KMAG YOYO. I’m not going to try to describe what it means, but when you hear the title cut you’ll understand! It’s a sort of military acronym sort of thing..kinda…sorta. It’s pretty strong on the Billboard chart.


Any of us looking to hear material from his 3 previous CDs weren’t disappointed in the least as Hayes ran through his songs rapid-fire stopping only a handful of times to tell one of his trademark stories. Seems after the Leno Show, he was asked to stick around because he might be able to do the Letterman Show as well. WOW! So they waited, but at the last minute got bumped and didn’t appear. Curious, he and the band tuned in that night to find out that Letterman decided that having all 17 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models on his show was a bigger draw than Hayes was. Imagine that! Hayes was concerned that there were only 4 dressing rooms…and kinda left it at that.


In the end, I enjoyed the show. I’m like many others who have seen his career grow and I’m glad I was able to do the interview and see the show. Good music by a genuine man.