Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 28, 2011 at 10:00 PM
ImageSue Foley left the comfortable confines of Canada at the early age of 21 and headed to the music mecca town of Austin, Texas after she had sent a demo tape of herself to the infamous Clifford Antone. I was lucky enough to see her perform at Antone’s in the late 90’s and I’ve been a fan ever since. She since has moved back to Canada and has put out 10 albums to date. She does not tour much down south, but has a neat project that she is backing called “He Said-She Said” on Blind Pig Records with a fellow named Peter Karp. When I saw they were hitting the Dosey Doe in The Woodlands, Texas I had to go even on school night.

I was very impressed. Thee album is a concept record born from letters and e-mails that the two has written to one another over a two year period. Karp had met Foley in 2006 at the Ottawa Blues Festival and he was smitten with her killer guitar style and mesmerizing vocals. The 14 tracks the duo have laid done on said CD are sexy, steamy, full of drama, and a funny collaboration all rolled into one. The chemistry of the performers was noticed right off the bat on “Treat Me Right” which featured “he said she said” lyrics throughout. Karp can play the slide guitar quite well and his earthy growl delivery-especially on “Ready for Your Love” and “Wait”- blended well with Foley’s distinct high pitch sexiness. which she featured lovingly on “Danger Lurks” and the jazzy ass “Scared”. “Mm Hmm” was a tongue-n-cheek sexy number which was good, but better on the CD with the ‘Nawlins fused horns and harmonica.

ImageThis was the first time I got to see Foley on acoustic guitar and she even threw out some flamenco vibes on what she termed as the “flues” on “Baby Don’t Go” & “Goodbye Baby Goodbye”, blending her blues roots with the flamenco sound.  Neat. “Lost in You” was a nice tune she had peened while touring Germany with 13 other women, which she joked she barely survived. In her early 40’s now Sue’s aw-shucks good looks are more appealing than ever to me. When the duo finally strapped on the electric guitars-Foley’s signature bad ass pinky-it smoked on “Nothing Fair in Love and War”.  New tune “She Runs in Circles” and the co-written “Analyzing the Blues” let the couple take off and blaze. Karp even threw in some good boogie woogie piano on “You Got a Problem and Sure Its Me”. These two accomplished singer/songwriters shared the stage quite effortlessly and it is hard to believe they’ve been together such a short time and sound this good.

Karp has gotten my attention big time and is currently based out of Nashville. These two collaborators bring a wealth of stage performing history to this album, which hit #1 on the Blues Chart for six weeks and landed in the Top 10 on Billboard, too.  It was too bad such a killer gig was witnessed by only 20-25 folks including Rose and myself this night.  Plus the Dosey Doe needs to turn the house lights DOWN during shows to give the place more ambiances for sure.  Joint is way too lit up for my taste.  All in all, this was a most enjoyable chestnut of an evening and I’m hoping to see more of both, be it solo or together, in the future………….Have a nice day!.