Written by Samuel Barker
Dec 03, 2011 at 10:00 PM
ImageOver the years, the adoring public has been threatened time and time again with a full retirement from Mojo Nixon. Like a dark cloud moving towards a sunshiny day at the park filled with balloons, teddy bears and everything joyous about life, the fear of no more Mojo looms.

Luckily for all of us, it doesn’t take much to get Mojo back on stage, especially if you’re here in the Texas area. Last year, it was the quest to get the newly-single Wetdawg laid, before that it was Kinky Friedman running for Governor, something else happened between and on this night, it was a Mojo Nixon bobblehead being created!

Of course, the first song of the night was a free-style rock n’ roll tune about having a bobblehead made in your honor. There was even a conversation between Mojo and an unwrapped bobblehead during the breakdown. It was a touching moment to hear everyone sing “Bobblehead! Bobblehead! Motherfucker ain’t even dead!” at the top of their lungs.

From there, the set kicked into high gear with traditional opening number, Debbie Gibson is Pregnant with my Two-Headed Love Child. On this night there was no truth to the rumor that Mojo was Kim Kardashian’s secret husband and reason for her divorce after barely over a month of marriage.  Ms. Kardashian was also the subject of the following number, Louisiana Liplock…because who would say no to that?

Did I mention Mojo shit his pants twice on this day? It happened alright. Not on stage, don’t get me wrong, but it happened on the drive down and before the show. A night of drinking and debauchery in Austin can lead to a bout of stomach issues the next day in Houston for anyone and Mojo was not immune.

This came into play as Mojo called to the audience for a wager of sorts. He had 2 acts that could be performed by the first person on stage that would earn them a Mojo Nixon bobblehead doll…the very doll he talked to during the first song! The first was to sniff Mojo’s butt for 5 seconds or, if that proved too risky a venture, the brave soul could drop their pants and moon the audience for 5 seconds. This led to the first quiet moment of the night. People waited, wondering if anyone would do it. Well, my friends, I would never let the HMR readers down by having such a wager go unanswered! I jumped on stage, pulled my shorts down and did the 5 second moon! I have the Bobblehead on my mantle now. That is what I did for you, the fair reader of this review.

The highlight for me on this evening, outside of winning the contest, of course, was Mojo breaking out You Can’t Kill Me. Anyone who believes in the power of rock n’ roll music and the various causes it has been the soundtrack for can relate to this tune. It’s always a favorite of mine in the Mojo set.

The set came to a close with Elvis is Everywhere, which is the way it goes at a Mojo show. The audience was well inebriated by this point. They sang as loud as Mojo, high fived and danced. When it came time to name the current Anti-Elvis, Mojo laid out a good case for Tim Tebow. I could lay out the spiel, but I’ll let you watch the video to see how that went.

After a short break, the band came back for an encore of UFOs, Big Rigs and BBQ. Outside of the initial laugh, the most plausible alien origin idea I’ve heard is from this song, UFOs are big long haul truckers out in the cosmos. Makes sense, folks.

We can’t forget the band. The Toadliquors held the show down as usual. When Mojo spontaneously pontificates over various subjects, Earl B. Freedom, Wid and Wetdawg hold down the fort like no others. It’s really a sight to see in person. The stops and starts would destroy lesser men…in an instant.

Opening the show was Dash Rip Rock from over in Louisiana. This is a band that does not come to Houston enough. They rocked the Continental Club and have various other times they’ve come through with Mojo Nixon. Seriously, these guys were on it, check them out!

Here’s a video of the show: