Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 15, 2012 at 06:00 PM
ImageGrowing up in the Midwest, I’ve come to know a thing or two about Midwestern women. One of them happened to be a singer-songwriter named Lucy Kaplansky, who stopped in on her annual visit to Houston’s Mucky Duck.

I’ve been a fan of this Chicago-born, down to earth gal, who now resides in New York City after invading Greenwich Village in the late 70’s, since the mid-90’s when I caught her on local public radio station, KPFT. Rose & I have really liked her more since she has run with a project involving good bud Eliza Gilkyson and John Gorka called ‘Red Horse’.  LK commented : “We formed the band so we could hang out!” Classic. Speaking to Lucy after the gig she said it will “ride” again.

This night was about her solo “catch up on my life” style gig that she pulls off like the girlfriend next door. Her cool, closed-eyed, emotional delivery is intoxicatingly peaceful and this 6pm time slot was a perfect fit. Ironically, “Open Your Eyes” is the tune that attracted me from the get go on 90.1 FM and it was very tender and sweet. Her cover of Gilkyson’s “Little Darling” ruled along with “Emelia” about her Grandma and her daughter’s name, too.

Speaking of her daughter, she was a center piece in Kaplansky’s ‘tale’ big time. She shows a lot of love for her child and what’s wrong with that?  Admits that she cries way too much and her nine year old kid has demanded $20 the next time she does, too!

Other stunner home runs in the show were “Texas Blues”, “Don’t Mind Me”, and a slick new one “Reunion” off her forthcoming album. Touching story about all her cousin’s attending her gig in Toronto. She’s just a cool jean wearin’ woman who has the same demeanor as Eliza Gee and I can see the interaction clickin’ with those two. “Manhattan Moon” detailed lookin’ at the moon from a high rise in NYC and “Mother’s Day” new one revealed from the inside out what it felt like to be away from your child on Mom’s Day.

The songs this lady lays out have an over all feel of let’s just try to be kinder to one another.  That’s something ALL the girls I call friends, including my Kansas born Rose, from the Rust Belt of life possess.  Thank the Lord for that! God Bless and be careful!