Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 19, 2012 at 07:30 PM
ImageCharisma and pizzazz! Two words that describe the feeling I took away from my virgin visit to an Ellis Paul concert. My good music bro, Mr. Pete Cronquist, has been on my butt for years to catch this cat. I tried at the Folk Aliance in Memphis this past February, but only caught the last 2 songs of his over flow showcase performance due to scheduling against Malcolm Holcombe.

The guy has a bigger than life feel as he passionately delivers his tunes, which now span 17 albums to date, or moving covers like the stunning Roy Orbison classic “Cryin “, complete with shades from the audience!

This gent’s voice came across as a mixture of Springsteen and Rod Stewart all fused into a Steve Perry sound. His bombastic in-your-mug style was aggressive and good. His stage presence ruled as he brought a lil girl admirer to the stage to help him on a sing along tune “Hero In You”, which he did a lot this night at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck.

Awesome moments, which were many, included “Things Change”, classic “Jukebox on My Grave”, goose bumpy Patsy Cline cover “Walking After Midnight”, and the moving 2003 spawned tale about a  snow storm in Austin, Texas called “Snow in Austin”. The event was a homespun fun type night that made me wonder why the hail I had waited so long to see this Maine native and long time mainstay in the Boston music scene.

May 27th, he performs at the 40th Annual Kerrville Folk Fest and HMR is approved and ready to chew on some more of this music!  I could tell that the crowd he attracts is loyal and true and at times I felt like I was crashing the party! It is rare that after only one performance that I feel so drawn to a songwriter. Rose & I felt like there were parts of both of us in his expressions and experiences in life that he shared on stage.

“3000 Miles” was done with heavy crowd clapping and is the only song he has written with the word ‘Houston’ in it. Thee encore classic “Lights in Vegas” put a nice wrap on a nice night. Music does not have to reflect the culture we live in and Mr. Paul delivers that message quite well.  Check him out…Peace and love!