Written by Eddie Ferranti
May 29, 2012 at 08:00 PM
ImageSince 2001, Rose and I have had the pleasure to follow our now good friends, The Stone Coyotes; a rockin’ good time band out of the Boston area. Coming down to Texas has been something the trio of Barbara Keith, crusty and crazy hubbie Doug Tibbles, and solid and slick son John Tibbles, have done traditionally in the late spring. This visit was in support of their 12th CD to date, “A Wild Bird Flying”, and it came with a twist.

We were unable to attend the first of two gigs at the fine establishment in the Woodlands, Dosey Doe, due to covering the Kerrville Folk Fest, but we did make the unique second show. Kyle Hutton anchors a syndicated radio program called “Real Life Real Music”. It is in its fifth year running so it must be holding its own. San Angelo to Tyler is their coverage area and HMR wishes them the best. Basically it was the Coyotes as “unplugged” as they’re ever going to get, sitting down hashing out the ins and outs of each particular song they chose to do.

They spanned the vast catalog and made us glow with warm memories of years gone by. “Plain American Girl” got it going and it sailed by from there! In the words of Barbara Jean herself: “The three of us just like to RIP it!” That they did on chestnuts “Mark of Cain”, steamin’ “Pennsylvania Coal Mine”, touching as hell “Detroit and Buffalo”, and rockin’ “Boy From the Rodeo”!

ImageInterview questions came off as interesting and comical, too with the Tibble Trio pokin’ fun at one another. It was awesome seeing so many loyal fans congregate and talk about what else-past Stone Coyote gigs!! The vast array of SC tee shirts was great, too.

This band always reaches out and supplies the garage rock vibe I was brought up on in the Midwest. Their hard drivin’, foot pumpin’, distortion drentched sound can grab ya up and take you away! “My Soul is a Wild Bird flying” is a lyric from the title cut of the new CD and it fits them to a tee! Doug penned “Trouble Down in Texas” and it was a goodie. Goose bumps and warm waves rolled over me when the likes of “Odessa” , with spot on appropriate for tonight lyric ’10 years goes in a blink of an eye’, “Church of the Falling Rain”,¬† and another good new one “Powderkeg”.

It just was so strange for us to see this tight ass trio sitting down instead of balling together in a haze of feedback and shreddin’ guitars with skin mashin’ beats behind it! On a night like¬† this you take what you can get and cherish it. The corny, but true line about life “without friends you have nothing” applies here BIG time. God Bless all of them the Lord has blessed us with and especially the lovable Stone Coyotes…Amen and out!