Written by Marc McKinney
May 30, 2012 at 09:00 PM
ImageI can remember when Fall From Grace (FFG) came out in 2004; they had hip, cool hit called “Blue & Cold” off their freshman, self-released CD, “Rise from Ashes”.  Then they released another single “When Heroes Don’t Prevail”.  But I’ll be honest, I thought this was going to another alternative rock band from Seattle that would sputter and fade away.  NO SIR!  These guys kept taking a stab at it; releasing their sophomore CD, “Covered in Scars”.

After winning Fuse TV’s “Battle of the Bands” and a recording contract with Bodog Music in 2008, they released their 3rd CD, “Sifting through the Wreckage”, these guys were headed in the right direction by getting significant play on Satellite and other radio markets everywhere.

Let’s take this show on the road … Europe, here we come!  FFG spent significant time overseas even playing on the way cool grounds of Donnington Castle.

Fall From Grace has had more than their fair share of doom and bad luck; lead singer, Tryg Littlefield had to deal with mental issues from his biological mother.  This lead him to moving in with his father and step mother who became the nirvana of what he is today.  Brian Olson, bad-ass lead guitarist, was in a traumatic vehicle accident where he was actually pronounced dead for nearly an hour.  Ex-member, Ken Olson, suffered serious health ailments which ultimately lead to seizures.

The members today include: Tryg Littlefield, Lead Singer; Brian Olson, Lead Guitar; Justin (Cotton) McDonald, Bass; Ty McDonald, Guitars and Jesse Smith, Drums.

ImageKnowing FFG was going to be in Houston at the Scout Bar (Clear Lake), I really wanted to see them for the first time.  Labeled “The Band that would not Die”, you would understand why they’re still around today.  This was an absolute insane show full of super high energy and superior musical ability.  In other words, THESE GUYS ROCKED YOUR FACE OFF!

Playing one of their really cool hits, 18 and Out, off their current CD, The Romance Years; the song is about getting off the island in the Seattle area where they lived and doing more with their life.  Well known for his leadership, Tryg can work the crowd like no other.  He reached for, touched, talked with his fans in the crowd and they ate it up.  Ending the show with the hot single, The Romance Years, Tryg had the entire venue of people waving their arms back and forth.  I’m telling you, this was one hell of a show.

I sat down and interviewed Tryg prior to the show; this is one incredible person to speak with.  If anyone knows any history about FFG and Tryg, they would know what I’m talking about.  After FFG returned from their lengthy European tour, Tryg began writing in his blog regularly.  Fans, both nationally and internationally, wrote to Tryg about their problems with life.

Tryg felt very compassionate about responding to them all with their individual personal problems ranging from family abuse to drug addiction.  He would get up early and stay on his computer responding each and every one of them until he fell asleep.  This went on for months.  How many Lead Rock Stars do you know that will spend that much time with their fans?

I was truly inspired by my visit with Tryg; I’m so looking forward to their next show here.