Written by Dave Clements
Oct 24, 2012 at 11:00 PM
ImageMadonna and her large stage production made it to Houston’s Toyota Center last Wednesday in sufficient time to get set up for the doors to open at 7 pm.   I am sure, based on the show that followed, that it took a lot of advance time and effort to get everything right and ready for her to take the stage. Once everything was set however, nothing of any significance happened inside the arena for 240 minutes.

At a few minutes before 11 pm Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone FINALLY came out to perform.  Good grief, this was a ‘school night’ for many.  It was an extremely long wait and these folks sitting in the audience had paid very good money to see her perform on Wednesday evening, not early Thursday morning!  I think she crossed the line on being ‘fashionably late’ by about…a very long time.  Why would she do that to her fans?  Don’t ask me….in my world that’s not the way you treat people.

Having said all that, she came out and did her job exceptionally well.  I didn’t hear how Thursday night’s show went.  Hopefully it started earlier in the evening but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that having been the case.

I personally would not have deemed this a ‘concert’.  It was more a major theatrical production that included not only music but significant lighting, significant videos, significant dancing and choreography, significant costuming, and significant theatrics…as well as a band that was pretty darn good.  Did I mention significant erotica?

ImageI have never seen Madonna perform live before.  I wish I had, albeit a little earlier in an evening, before my bedtime.  So I can only imagine that the girl must have been really ‘hot’ a few years back.  Some remnants of that ‘hotness’ still shined through in this performance.

They showed a video of the very sexy younger woman for those of us who perhaps had not paid attention in the past and helped us catch up on time and see what we’d missed.  For sure we missed a lot of skin, and a lot of curves in all the right places. Those curves hadn’t ‘relocated’ much at age 54.  I have heard she works it hard and it shows!  There was no doubt after a very few minutes of observing her that she was very capable of putting on a show and she can sing her ass off.   I will come back to her ass again later….as she is obviously very proud of it.

This woman has sold 300 million records worldwide – a very large number and says volumes about her popularity.  That popularity was very evident with back to back sold out Houston shows.  It looked as though most in attendance knew almost all of the numbers she sang.  Her set list included 22 songs, starting with Girl Gone Wild, including Gang Bang, Express Yourself, Give Me All Your Love, Vogue, Like a Virgin, I’m A Sinner, and concluding with Celebration.  Nearly every song had a different theatrical production associated with it complete with strenuous choreography for the dancers.  It was very impressive to watch even though it was so massive a production it was hard to take it all in.  Do they have ‘instant replay’ for concerts…maybe it will be a new iPhone app!  (Now that I think about it, maybe that app is the smart phone video recorder.  Does anyone ever just watch the show anymore?)

Although I was not feeling good about the show’s timing, which I blamed Madonna for, she got a full offsetting ‘at-a-girl’ when she started a rant about the importance of voting in the upcoming presidential election.  She asked all if they were registered to vote and that they knew that they could not ‘take democracy for granted’! And ‘we live in a very privileged country’! Don’t take it for granted.’  You tell ‘em,  Madonna!  As in tonight, she is now telling her fans ‘I don’t care who you vote for but GO VOTE!’.  I agree with you totally…and thank you for no longer telling me WHO to vote for!

ImageBefore closing let me get back to that butt.  You’ll see that she ‘presented it’ to her audience.  Although most couldn’t zoom in on it like I was able to do, you now can see what I got to see.  And now you have the ‘flip side’, the rest of the story.  Yo Sean Penn, see what you’re missing!?

Until next time I hope you keep it between the navigational beacons – and thank you for reading this review.

Let me know if you think it was OK to start the show that late?