Written by Eddie Ferranti
Dec 20, 2012 at 08:00 PM
ImageThere are few things that are constant in our hectic lives these days in the bustling city of Houston, but one we can hang our hat on around late December is a visit from Better Than Ezra.

For four years running now the Louisiana based band makes their way to the House of Blues and it is always a treat. HMR has rode the wave of frolicking fun and this evening’s gig was no different.

Whatever current members Kevin Griffin (lead vocals/guitar), Tom Drummond (bass), Michael Jerome Moore (drums) and James Arthur Payne (touring keys/guitar) are doing to keep them from aging is amazing.

I’m fortunate to get up close and personal and shoot these cats and they all look great. As Drummond pointed out before hand that “Houston is a city we’ve been playing since the very beginning and they have probably sold more records there than anywhere else.”

The band seemed more loose and animated than usual, especially Griffin, who made many playful gestures and quirky faces throughout the jammin’ performance. In fact a lot of moments seemed off the cuff and unplanned, but everybody loved it in the Christmas beer slammin’ crowd.

Plenty of their crowd favorite songs, ala ‘Desperately Wanting’ were performed, but the playful band tossed out classic covers like “Superstition”, Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and a buzzin’ “La Grange” for the H-Town folks! 17 years have past since ‘Good’ got BTE on the map and nearly 20 years later this alternative-rock outfit is still going strong to it cultish following.

ImageThe crowd can get boarderline nutso at these gigs, but nothing out of hand. The holiday setting fits quite well for BTE and it serves as a perfect launching pad for them to pimp their pet project called “Krewe of Rocckus” in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Thee 3rd Annual installmant is February 7-9 this year and musical guests include Sister Hazel, Emerson Hart of Tonic, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and of course BTE themselves. You can dive into the party at : http://kreweofrocckus.com/ and see first hand all the details on this event! As Drummond points out: “The site will help us “steer” you in the right direction for what to do and where to eat and enjoy Mardi Gras the best way possible.” Sweet indeed.

BTE is making noise that a new album is poised to be laid down in 2013 so that definitely bodes well for this energetic act to continue on. Let’s hope so and HMR will always keep room open on our holiday calendar for BTE in late December. YOU should too!

Be safe and hug a loved one today…………..