Written by James Killen
Mar 12, 2013 at 06:00 PM
ImageI really love those quiet listening rooms where it’s all about the music and there is no flash photography and you get cold stares and shushed if you ask directions to the men’s room. That’s not what happens at Troubadour Tuesday on the second Tuesday of every month at Natachee’s.

TT is a party with music. It’s a place to get together with friends over a cold beverage and swap jokes and lies. It’s a family friendly place where Mom and Dad can get out, plop the kiddos down in the sandbox and remember what it’s like to be a social adult again. It’s an outdoor music show with no cover, a well selected band and good food (I’m personally partial to the red pepper humus).

The event is produced and MC’ed by KPFT’s Rick Heysquierdo and is currently in its fourth year. It’s recently been moved from the House of Blues to the more accessible Natachee’s with positive results. Tuesday night there were numerous local celebrities hanging amongst the crowd, including Duane Bradley and James Nagle (the Blues Hound) of KPFT and musicians, Mitch Jacobs, Myke Foster of the Southern Backtones, and Jaime Hellcat of the Flaming Hellcats. If people watching is your thing, there is plenty of that to do as well.

The reunited Hollisters kicked off their show around 6:15PM with “East Texas Pines”, followed quickly by “Tyler”. You could barely pick out the lyrics over the crowd noise, but the rocking Telecaster leads and the rollicking bass lines cut through the din. If you chose to stand near the stage you could pick up on lead singer, Mike Barfield’s trash talk between songs. The band was right back at mixing up that blend of country, Cajun, blues, and rock and roll that took them to the top of the Houston Press awards back in the 1990’s.

Barfield broke out the maracas for the unmistakable “Pink Adobe Hacienda” and blew a pretty mean harmonica solo over the styling guitar leads on “Better Slow Down”. The band played many of the old favorites and a few covers in a long single set that broke up around 8:30PM. It was a perfect length for a school night.

For all of you Hollister fans, rumor has it that they will be playing a few more dates around town in the near future, so keep an eye out. For all of you fans of a reasonably priced evening out, go ahead and mark your calendars for the second Tuesday of every month to spend it with Rick Heysquierdo and his troubadours.