Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 11, 2013 at 08:00 PM
ImageWith today’s cookie-cutter touring schedules that see bands touring from city to city playing the same sets every night, it is beyond refreshing to be part of an old-fashioned, roadhouse jam session, party presented by Mr. Todd Park Mohr, aka Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

When the smilin’ mug of such a cool laid back dude strides to the mike and announces: “We couldn’t find an opening act, so we just hired ourselves to open tonight,” you know you’re in for something good. With that said, BHT proceeded to play one hour and fifteen minutes, take a break and then give another hour and twenty minutes to a packed and enthusiastic crowd at the House of Blues.

“Yikes!” does not even come close to describing the fun that was had this night. These cats, BHT on lead guitar and vocals, Brian Nevin on drums and vocals, Rob Squires on bass and vocals and Jeremy Lawton on keys, pedal steel plus vocals have been goin’ at it since 1986, carving a cultish niche that continues to grow and nourish itself on raucous live gigs.

The album ‘Sister Sweetly’ put these guys on the map back in 1993, going platinum, spawning three singles “Bittersweet”, goose bump inducing “Broken Hearted Saviour” and “Circle,” that went up the rock charts. Of course, these songs were on display and still well-received in the pulsing hot venue by an adoring sing-along crowd!

You could not help but have a blast with the band rocking out with such a combo of tight grooves that the whole room was swept up in a wave of excitement and fun. Big Head Todd channelled some awesome black and blues into the room coming off his latest tribute album, ‘100 Years of Robert Johnson’, and when he introduced a special treat the night went to even higher heights.

Calling him one of the baddest blues guitarists around, BHT welcomed Ronnie Baker Brooks to the stage. Brooks is a Chicago blues and soul guitarist who fit right in along side BHT trading off licks and guitar “faces” full of an ample supply of technique and passion! He too has been around since the late seventies and paired with the Monsters I felt like I was deep in the Mississippi Delta at some smokin’ hot juke joint!

Epic night of raw passionate music that saw Mohr smilin’ from ear to ear truly enjoying himself fielding requests from the adoring audience.  This was my 4th go around with BHT and it seems the addiction grows stronger each time I see this guy.  How many bands deliver 3+ hours all by themselves and relish in it from the get go?  Springsteen maybe, but that list is damn short for sure in the over-hyped media music biz we see today.  God Bless ya Todd and come back and see us soon please…