Written by Dave Clements
Apr 17, 2013 at 08:00 PM
ImageLast August I had the opportunity to go to The Woodlands Pavilion to see Journey, with Pat Benatar and Loverboy.

All of the performers that night put on a good show; however Pat  seemed a little bit off. She spent much of the evening letting her husband take center stage and the spotlight that went with that position. For most of the night she was either standing in the shadows or had her back to the audience. It was distracting enough to keep me from being able to really ‘get into the show’… and therefore I couldn’t wait for this show at the Stafford Centre to start!

So this past Wednesday, I finally had the opportunity to see Ms. Benatar again, along with her husband/guitarist Neil Giraldo. I am happy to report that this time it was all about her –  and that signature kick butt Rock and Roll that I knew she could bring. This time she was in the spotlight and relinquished it only a very few times to her brilliantly talented ‘better half’ who is better known as Spyder. Make no mistake –  the boy can weave a web with his guitar licks!

Back in the spot light, Pat Benatar was spot-on vocally. Though this beautiful Stafford Centre venue was not quite full, she seemed to really enjoy singing and connecting with her fans.

With high energy and a 100% effort and attitude, she and Spyder came out on the stage high-fiving the front row patrons. Then they continued to rock us all for over an hour and a half with their best shot. It started with ALL FIRED UP to Invincible, thru Promises In The Dark, We Belong, Hell Is For Children ,You Better Run, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Love Is a Battlefield (with a little Ring Of Fire thrown in).

Other songs were included in her set of course – however these were the ones on my personal ‘must play’ list.

Thank you Mrs. Giraldo!

ImageDid I mention that I was a huge Pat Benatar fan? Did I share that in my younger days, or more precisely nights, I danced, screamed, played air guitar, drank a beer or two and more to Pat Benatar’s music? Did I tell you that to see her sing Heartbreaker live was on my Bucket List?  Doing so on this special night was equivalent to my prior opportunities to watch Bob Seger sing Turn The Page, Harry Chapin sing Taxi, The Eagles rock Hotel California, and Clint Black perform my theme song No Time To Kill…I think you get my point.

WOW…You’re a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker – don’t you mess around with me! (… but DO mess with your mouse and CHECK red-haired Pat and Spyder in the HMR Photo Gallery)

Until next time hope you keep it between the navigational beacons.