Written by Robert B. Johnson (@RobertSatellite on Twitter)
Jun 22, 2013 at 09:00 PM

Before the show, I had a chance to catch up with Shiny Toy Guns. Check out the interview below!

A Full Year

It had been a full year since I last caught up with Shiny Toy Guns. Back then, the band had just completed, but not yet released, its third full-length album. In the months since, Shiny Toy Guns has dropped the stellar album, released numerous hit singles, and toured the country from coast to coast.

Despite enjoying short period of well-earned downtime, the band took to the skies to play a headlining gig at the first ever Keep Austin Weird Festival. With the full complement of their staff in tow, Carah Faye, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson, and Mikey Martin played eighteen songs in the scorching heat of Austin, Texas, thrilling the crowd for a solid hour and a half.

ImageA Great Mix of Old and New

Fans in attendance at the Keep Austin Weird Festival were treated to a full setlist that featured songs from all three albums and some standalone singles. Fans of We Are Pilots got to experience breathtaking live versions of “Le Disko,” “Don’t Cry Out,” and “You Are the One.” Season of Poison lovers were delighted to hear hits like “Ricochet!,” “Ghost Town,” and even “Frozen Oceans.” Best of all, the band cranked out six songs from the latest release, III.

Impressively, the band took the new, more electronic based tracks like “If I Lost You” and “Wait for Me” and made them sound fresh, edgy and complete. Of the new songs, “If I Lost You” really stood out as a diamond amongst beautiful gems. However, the crowd absolutely loved the Fleetwood-esque “Fading Listening,” which had everyone in the crowd on their feet and moving to the music.

Without question, Shiny Toy Guns built and played the perfect setlist to leave every fan happy.

ImagePerforming With a Passion

From the moment they hit the stage, the members of Shiny Toy Guns gave it everything they had. Whether it was Petree belting out flawless vocals while nailing the guitar riffs in “Starts With One,” or Dawson constantly transitioning from keyboard duties to bass guitar for songs like “Mercy,” every member of Shiny Toy Guns performed with an undeniable passion.

In “Rocketship,” Faye exhibited a youthful vibrance that really brought the song to the next level. Despite having no specific performance part, she made good use of her time by cooling down her fellow band members. First, she opened a bottle of water, filled her mouth, and absolutely drenched Dawson as he played his keyboard parts. Then, she brought the storm to Martin, who took it like a champ. For the final act of the water bottle, she stood face-to-face with Petree, executing one of the best direct water sprays in the history of water sprays.

Similarly, Martin exhibited a certain vigor throughout the evening. In fact, he played his drum kit with such reckless abandon that it started to fall apart. By the final song, “You Are the One,” a member of the crew had to personally hold the snare drum in place just to make it to the end of the set.

Ultimately, it all represents something legendary about the Shiny Toy Guns live act. It’s fun, it’s serious and it’s intense. Every note they play and every word they sing is done with purpose and it’s simply enchanting.

ImageThe Road Ahead

There’s a misconception in the music industry. Many fans believe that their favorite bands are rolling in money, perfectly equipped and funded to travel the world without a second thought.

Unfortunately, the reality of the music industry is much different. With rising travel costs, touring is no longer the money maker that could help bands counteract the dwindling record sales.

For Shiny Toy Guns, the band members relish the opportunity to perform live for their fans, but can be handcuffed by the financial costs associated with full scale tour. Yet, when they do play live, Faye, Petree, Dawson, and Martin leave everything on stage, exposing their hearts and souls to fans along the way. As a result, it’s especially important to experience and appreciate bands like Shiny Toy Guns whenever you get a chance.

If Shiny Toy Guns plays a town near you, don’t pass up the chance to see a phenomenal show!

Ghost Town
Somewhere to Hide
Starts With One
Le Disko
If I Lost You
Major Tom
Rainy Monday
Chemistry of a Car Crash
Frozen Oceans
Don’t Cry Out

Wait for Me
Fading Listening
You Are the One

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