Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jul 06, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Image“Y’all look pretty awesome!”

With that opening shoutout, Patrice Pike brought her jolly caravan of musicians to the rockin’ stage of McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston.

The packed house was there to welcome PP’s new CD release, ‘The Calling’ and party down. Pike has a beyond loyal following with this venue that she plays every Wednesday about 9 months out of the year. It is an intimate tip jar Happy Hour gig that is a nice getaway on “hump day” deal that she’s been doing for years.

This night though was special indeed, mainly because she had longtime Sister 7 alum, Wayne Sutton, was in tow to amp up all of her songs and give them a fresh coat of paint, if you will.

War horses like ‘Temple’ dominated out the gate and when Sutton took the stage the magic that these two share together is quite evident. PP had just logged 5,000 miles in 3 weeks and was tired, but you could see the glowing energy she exudes when Sutton just burned solos on epic songs like “Love What You Are Doing’ (GREAT lyrics abound!) with heavy scat rap by PP, funky rock hard ‘Jacknife Girl’ and ‘Sweet November,’ which almost sounded like a new song it was done so sweetly.

Can’t say enough about when WS is in this squad, it takes the weight off of Patrice where she can shine brightly as a lead singer fronting solid backing band, which had at different times Frank Zweback or Glenn McGregor on bass, Laran Snyder on vocals and steady skin pounding by Carles Zanetti and Seth Orell.

ImageThe show got down right crazy hot when Sutton’s ‘Kiss Me Baby’ off the new CD rocked into an elongated jam session, concluding with PP on drums! Sans the goofy ass dance sequence by the human cartoon Zweback, this was a highlight of the evening for sure.

An odd choice to have no break to a full house on a Saturday night was a tad odd, but it did not break the momentum of cracker jack hits like ‘Joey’, her most requested tune ‘Rufus,’ which Sutton smoked on,  ‘Babylon’, a tender version of ‘I Used to Hold You’ and ‘Under the Radar’ with Pike strapping on electric for the latter portion of set!

A Pike gig would never be complete without her doing ‘Chico” plus a Sara Hickman goodie ‘Woman Waiting to Happen’ to round out a raucous good time in H-town. Sutton has another current collaboration going, ‘Gumshoe Dogs’, that I’m going to be on the look-out for and he’s playing Almost Austin House Concerts (7/27) in Pasadena, Tx!

Pike is making the trek to Viva Big Bend Fest in Marfa on 7/27 also… All in all as usual a show with Ms.Pike warms the heart and leaves ya satisfied.  This night was no exception and all left beaming…Big 10-4 and see ya around town!