Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jul 12, 2013 at 09:00 PM
ImageHighly anticipating a gig can go both ways on you sometimes in the reviewer world I live in.

Such a show headed to the House of Blues in the form of the traveling roadhouse called Tedeschi Trucks Band.

In 2012, we caught the first go around for Susan Tedeschi and hubbie Derek Trucks plus nine others including 2 drummers. Comparisons have been drawn to the likes of the Allman Brothers and for good cause. By the way what’s wrong with that anyway? Check my last review here.

The anticipation factor shot thru the roof after I was lucky enough to take in the first 3 songs up close and personal, witnessing a vastly different band even though it was the same cast, especially Trucks. Suzie Tee has that Joplin-Raitt thang goin’ on and nobody keeps a band movin’ along in a funky way than this lady, but the maturation of two performers heavily steeped in blues that shifts to rock, jazz, gospel and whatever ya call it sound, is really evident.

DT moved around a lot, nuzzling close to admiring smiles from his wife as they traded smokin’ hot licks all night. TTB brings the 1970’s back to all the masses that either grew with it or never heard it. I’ve never seen a band jam in a style where there was room for all 11 folks on stage and when it was reaching the WTF level Tedeschi would scream that hoarsey sexy rasp making you have that feeling like you just finished ridin’ a steep roller coaster!! Good southern fried rock ‘n roll stuff indeed.

ImageStandouts to me were ‘Midnight in Harlem’ with great contributions from Kofi Burbridge, ‘Angel from Montgomery’ and ‘Sky is Crying’ to name a few. Jam band would be too easy a label to throw on this outfit, but man what a fun time it is. Sound was good and not too loud like the HOB tends to be more often than not.

Potential indulgence aside, their first album ‘Revelator’ (6/11), bad to the bone live recording 2-disc ‘Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘ (5/12) and coming soon ‘Made Up Mind’ (8/13) have made it clear that this is more than a side project, it is a marketable sound and seen live is a pleasure to embrace.

The gravel and grunt of Tedeschi and the flat out low down pickin’ prowess of Trucks is red hot right now. Happily I was able to walk out knowing the anticipation level was surpassed in a good way this hot and steamy night in Texas…God Bless you and go see a show!