Written by Dave Clements
Nov 14, 2013 at 08:00 PM
ImageHouston’s finest women came in droves to the Toyota Center to see Rihanna on this night dressed as if they had spent the last week at the Galleria with an unlimited bankroll. Their mission was to look hot in less …from head to heels. Special care was obviously given to find the highest platform heels that would accentuate their legs and, at the same time, be the most challenging to walk in. I don’t know how they managed. However, they did it well and, for the most part, sure looked fine doing it. A few, however, needed the fashion police to intervene…immediately!

I can only assume these ladies knew they needed to come looking their best, paying homage to the lady they had paid handsomely to see who would soon hit the stage in all of her ‘hotness’.

And when I say she didn’t disappoint her fans, trust me, she didn’t disappoint them or I missed something big.

However, before I get into her stimulating and sizzling performance, let me share a few words about those who preceded her on stage.

First was a DJ who was late getting to the stage. I can only guess he couldn’t find his records or headphones. Whatever the case, his performance was rocky.

ImageThen ASAP Rocky did his thing. He brought in his masked cohorts to dance and do background vocals.

As, or As Soon, or As Soon As (whatever he goes by) was alright as far as NY City Rappers go but I certainly didn’t understand the ski masks his associates were wearing. My observation was they didn’t understand it either. I sure hope those guys didn’t have any of their relatives in the audience wanting to see them!?

For as hot and stimulating as Rihanna was all evening, the openers were very lukewarm and underwhelming at best…sorry, it’s the truth.

So let’s get back to the hot and stimulating.

Rihanna was not someone I had photographed before although I have shot Beyonce, Miley, Madonna, and Kesha. She is in their same league…actually none of them are in Beyonce’s league but that’s another story.

They are all talented in their own right and each plays the sex card on stage. None, however, have done it like Rihanna. This feisty Barbadian had her hands all over herself most of the night. If she touched her SEX once she touched herself a hundred times. I wondered the entire evening how she got herself so worked up?

Fortunately, Rihanna can sing and has a great band backing her up and terrific backup singers. She and her supporting cast blew through 29 songs during her performance and they all seemed to be enjoyed by her audience.

Clearly my favorites were her reggae tunes. Those go back to her days in Barbados before she was discovered and it appeared to this writer that she seemed much more comfortable when she was singing those songs. I could feel her soul!

Several times during her show, she slipped back stage and changes outfits. My favorite was a floor length red clingy skirt and top. It was worn during  that part of the show where they slowed things down for a few minutes and she stood in one spot on a small rotating platform and showed off her vocals and very curvy body parts – both were in tune… or is that tone?

ImageIf her objective this evening was to stimulate her audience then I believe she did a stellar job. The crowd stood for most of the evening, danced as if no one was watching and sadly at the same time kept one hand up videoing the show with their cell phones. What I’m not sure of…was there as much touching going on in the seats as there was on stage?

And speaking of touching in the audience while performers were touching themselves on stage, did you read what I read on the internet about Rihanna and Drake?

According to the report I read Rihanna showed up at Drake’s concert, also at Toyota Center, the night before. Then after the show, allegedly, hung out at the V Live Gentlemen’s Club in Houston until the wee hours of the morning. The couple sat very close to each other, says the report, and the couple reportedly dropped some serious dough at the strip club –  to the tune of $17,000!

Jhonni Blaze, an employee who danced for them, said the stars were “really cool” and added that while she was dancing Rihanna “started slapping” her butt.

Obviously stimulated from the experience?

A few closing observations: One, not sure how one would spend $17,000 in one evening at a strip club?  (I’m sure someone will try to explain it to me.) Two, maybe we now have some insight as to where Rihanna gets her inspiration and stimulation so she can stimulate others. And lastly, just think how much good $17,000 could do for any number of Houston area charities benefiting underprivileged inner city kids. You can make up your own mind about how you weigh in on that whole subject.

Until next time remember there is no time to kill.