Written by Michael Pittman
ImageIt’s good to be back isn’t it? Los Lonely Boys took the stage at the Crighton Theater in downtown Conroe, Texas with a mission. The brothers Garza gave us a super-heated dose of what they call Texican Rock n Roll and burned their way back into the front ranks of bands Texas can be proud of.

Finally healthy (sounds like football doesn’t it?) after JoJo’s vocal cord injury and Henry’s spinal cord injury, the Boys landed a perfect knock out punch with soulful energy and a dedicated “We’re Back” performance to a nearly sold out crowd.

You wouldn’t have noticed that the median age was just over 60 the way that LLB rocked the place. The heady days of 2004’s double platinum self-titled record behind them, they seemed to be more focused and tight…less starry eyed and dedicated to making the best music they can for all the right reasons.

This tour supports the newest release “Revelation” and though critically acclaimed it’s seen slower sales than they’d like overall. Conroe bought every copy LLB had before the show even started so let’s hope that’s a sign.

So began the show with offerings from the new CD with inspired playing by the totally under-rated Henry Garza on guitar. Soaring through “Blame it on Love,” “Don’t Walk Away” and “It’s Just My Heart Talkin” Henry soloed in virtuoso form while Jojo effortlessly killed it on bass (occasionally doubling as a rhythm guitar on his 6 string bass) while Ringo kept the beat solid and hard hitting with his own inspired playing. In the backline was an extra percussionist filling in with  Santana-like energy. Vocals were solid and tighter than ever.

ImageHaving played a few older songs from previous records, the Boys broke into a sort of boogie-blues low key number. This surprised me as it seemed to me to be at the time when the show needed to hit a high, but it captured the crowd totally. It built from there and became a soaring controlled sonic explosion over the course of the next 15 minutes. Henry lead the way with some of the choicest guitar these halls have heard in some time.

The only real homage paid to their Mexican heritage was “Oye Mamasita” sung in Spanish.

The final 10 minutes of the 75 minute set was dedicated to a re-energized version of their smash hit “Heaven” which in my opinion, was so much better than the original record it should be re-released in it’s new incarnation.

Check Los Lonely Boys out when you have the chance. I’m thinking they’ll be back to their home state soon. This is a band at the top of their game.