Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageThought we’d dip our toes into the young world of pop music recently when Doctor Ray and myself headed to the House of Blues in Houston to catch HAIM.  Three sisters from Los Angeles-Este on bass, Danielle on lead vocals/lead guitar and Alana Haim on guitar have been taking the world by storm for over 20 months with non-stop touring behind their 2012 EP “Forever” + 2013 release “Days Are Gone”.

Beforehand I had been tipped off that these ladies were far from being a pop band live on stage.  You got that right!   The venue was sold out and ready to party and HAIM did nothing to diminish that and then some.  It definitely is hard to label their sound because it has so many influences.  My out of the shoot feel after this gig was Fleetwood Mac meets AC/DC.   In fact, the band’s lights out rock the roof off version of FM’s “Oh Well” was stunningly good showcasing the vocal talents of all three and the mash quality of Danielle on her free wheelin’ axe.

ImageThis trio had grabbed the hearts of the media with radio friendly pop hits “Forever” and “Don’t Save Me” to name a few, but their transition to rock has begun and it will only launch them further up the ladder of popularity.  All three had me focusing on them up front and close with Este having beyond a rubber face making expressions that had to be seen to grasp her hyeractive madness, Alana dashing about in a Angus Young type style, and Danielle just thrashing her long hair non-stop covering her mug most of the night!   I cannot say enough how I was floored by the band’s raucous rage they displayed and how versatile they are.  By the way, whomever it was on the drums was a major good backbone to this energized explosion.

Other highlight songs from the 75 minute jam were “If I Could Change My Mind” showcasing alternating harmonies,  “My Song 5” that builds and peaks with major bass chords, “Days Are Gone” where Danielle excelled and “Falling” complete with a cool echo effect on the word falling.  Their versatility emerged in the encore with Danielle on drums for a cover of Beyonce’s “XO” which led to “The Wire” and “Let Me Go” which they did in a dazzling ending.

My only nitpick was a tad too much lip service displayed in between songs, but it did little to diminish thee overall show.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the next time these women hit town it will be in a larger venue of adoring fans including myself………….GO see and support live music !