Written by Dave Clements
ImageI’m sure glad Lady Antebellum didn’t roll through The Woodlands the night before their scheduled show. Mother Nature was doing her thing as a strong line of thunderstorms rolled through.

However, as fate would have it the nearly sold out crowd that came out this Mother’s Day Eve to see the show got a Texas in May sun shiny day. Terrific weather, terrific headline music, and two opening acts that were both a bonus and, for this reviewer, a surprise.

David Nail started the evening off and did a nice job as he squinted through his set with the setting sun right in his eyes. It was the first time I’d seen Nail and I’m guessing it won’t be my last.  David has been on the Country Scene for the last few years and is making his mark. At the beginning of his career, his first single ‘Memphis’ only made it to #52 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart.

ImageBy 2009, he had two singles reach the top 20 and in January of 2012 his song ‘Let It Rain’ made it all the way to #1! I really liked his voice and style and, believe it or not, he didn’t have a ball cap on nor did he do any country rapping.  How did he get away with that?! Thank you David. I do think he can work on his stage presence as he came across at times as almost wooden. This was made even more obvious when we compared him with Billy Currington who came out on the heels of Nail and just nailed it! (Sorry, just too good to pass up the pun…)

Billy Currington has been in the news a lot lately and I’m not sure what he did or didn’t do in his personal life to earn that notoriety. What I do know is he came to Houston, humidity and all, to give the crowd a memorable evening of HIS music and some cool covers as well. He delivered both very well.

Although I haven’t been much of a fan of Billy’s music I admire him that he came well prepared with a terrific band and they ripped through I Got A Feelin’, Love Done Gone, That’s How Country Boys Roll, Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer and two of my favorites Let Me Down Easy asnd Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right. Topping all of that off, he did an admirable tribute to Garth Brooks, a personal favorite of his singing Friends In Low Places. Billy, for whatever it’s worth your stock went up in value as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for a well done performance!

ImageNow on to the main event…Lady A! This trio is made up of Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, and Nashville Second Generation Super Vocalist Hillary Scott.

Hillary’s Mom remains one of my favorite backup singers of all time. Although she also has a solo career, Linda Davis, Hillary’s Mom, is best known for her work as backup vocalist for Reba McIntyre. They do a song together called Does He Love You. If you haven’t seen them do it go to YouTube and check it out!

Lady Antebellum is so refreshing to me. They are all energetic, they genuinely seem to like one another, and they look like they’re having fun on stage. They have this unique ability to convey to their audience (the vast majority were women on this night) that they are having fun with them as well. And better than all of that it appears they continue to appreciate their own success and know it can be short lived. Their gratitude for fan support is clear.

ImageKelley and Scott are the two dominant performers and co-lead vocalists in the group, yet Haywood has carved out a nice niche for himself being the only one with an instrument. Dave, besides his good guitar, also shows he is more than up for the task of creating awesome three part harmonies. I guess both Charles and Hillary could make it on their own, however when they all come together, greatness shines through! They each compliment the other and they are often shoulder to shoulder to shoulder. They gel and they look unified, they look like ONE. For sure they are one powerful force in Country Music. Little Big Town is a close second, but no other country group has the ‘X-factor’ they do.

They played all my favorites including I Run To You, Love Don’t Live Here, Downtown and, of course, Need You Now. Frankly they are just so good, the songs almost don’t matter. They are just terrific entertainers who are enjoying themselves while giving their all!

My final observation is to describe how gracious and cool it was when the trio left the main stage and went out to a small platform up near the grass hillside known as ‘the lawn seats’ and played from there. It put them up close and personal with the fans who did not have the best view like those in the reserved seating area. Between that surprise touch and the incredible new video screens at the Pavilion, every Lady A fan got more than their monies worth.

Until next time remember there is No Time To Kill.