Written by Michael Pittman
ImageIt’s not your usual pathway, but then I would expect no less from one of guitar’s most pleasantly unusual stars. Coming to the stage at Dosey Doe from Memphis, via Amsterdam while being originally from Serbia is Ana Popovic, perhaps one of the most dedicated, and excitingly talented musicians I’ve witnessed in many years. The word virtuoso comes to mind.

You can see it in her eyes..you can feel it in every riff. Total dedication to writing and playing the very best blues, funk and boogie blues.  She’s young, and my guess is that she’ll get there. Already a 5 time Blues Foundation nominee including Best New Artist for 2003, Contemporary Blues Female Artist for 1012 and 2014, Contemporary Blues Album for 2012…and on and on.

Her last 3 albums have all been in the top 5 best selling blues albums in the USA. Move over Joe Bonamassa!

I was first introduced to Ana Popovic a few months ago when she opened for Buddy Guy at the House of Blues. You know how it goes…the opener never sounds as good as the headliner, but nevertheless I was impressed just the same. Now, on this stage, she had the chance to shine..and shine she did.

Originally scheduled for 90 minutes, Popovic mesmerized the almost sold out room for 120 solid minutes without breaking a sweat…in spiked heels with pyrotechnic guitar. Unbelievable energy.

ImageThis evening she was playing from the new record, her 7th, called Can You Stand The Heat, the title cut of which opened the set after a brief Ana’s shuffle, also from Heat.

The previous record Unconditional was well represented with Count Me In, Every Kind of People, Business as Usual and Summer Rain. Summer Rain was inspired by her husband. When they were living in Amsterdam he was impressed by all the young blondes riding bicycles in the rain and juggling babies, groceries and the umbrellas as they rode. Must have been a sight, proving that a true artist can make a song out of anything!

The live DVD An Evening at Trasimeno Lake would probably be a good choice for a sampling of her electrifying live performance if you missed this evening’s performance. It was nominated for Blues Foundation’s DVD of the year for 2012.

This evening was a complete surprise even though I had seen her before. What a super guitar virtuoso. She even tackled Hendrix’s Can You See Me and did it proud to the ecstatic approval of the crowd.

This is one lady not to be ignored…great show Dosey Doe.