Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageSome performers just seem to get better every time we catch them and Paul Thorn happens to be one. The dude is so down to earth and honest that it is refreshing in today’s music world.

Playing the intimate confines of the Bronze Peacock Room in Houston, Tx.with his 5 piece band he never sounded tighter. Thee arrangement was more acoustic than normal, but still brought home the bacon major.

Dr.Love scorched on piano, Ralph Friedrichsen handled the bass, Jefrey Perkins nailed it on skins and the always reliable lefty Bill Hinds found plenty of room for killer solos on acoustic and smokin’ electric guitar.

PT’s gigs are always a sort of “revival” for the small folks in the world.  He tries to pump you up like when he said:  “If you are paying your credit debt off in full every month you’re doing great!”  He always seems to find bright and humorous moments in every day life even in times that look bleak.  “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” is a perfect name for his latest album for sure.

He made a point to thank everybody for coming to his gig multiple times stating nobody is more blessed than himself.  Thorn kicked it off with a song about his mama’s “Turnip Greens”, followed by “I’m Still Here” and so true “Don’t Let Nobody Rob You of Your Joy”.

ImagePT comes from such a real place in life and it shows by how much appeal he has at packed house shows. “800 Pound Jesus” ruled and the place came unglued when he rocked it with I’ve had it up to here tune “Mediocrity Is King”!

His shows always seem chocked full of new ones and even main stay older one, “Hammer and a Nail”, was redone in a jazzy boogey oogee style that was a pleasure to behold.

Paul Thorn is a bonafide star at 50 years old, but you’d never know it the way he strives to win over fans.  Like taking endless selfies with folks he treats and listens to like long lost freinds.

In closing, this guy embodies a rare combo of blues, gospel and a 1950’s rock tone that is bad to the bone enjoyable.  Catch him when you can…………

Out and about lookin’ for you!