Written by Mike Pittman
ImageIt was one of those rare Houston nights. Nice and clear with hardly a cloud in the sky which agreed with concertgoers since the Toyota Center was just about sold out for the 2nd time in 3 months for Fleetwood Mac.

What is it about this band? Is it that we’ve grown up with them? Is it because the trials and all the in-fighting somehow endears them to us and makes them human?

I don’t know but as far as the in-fighting goes, it appears to be over with the return of Christie McVie. Stevie Nicks made the announcement that this was their 60th show on the tour and she can now say “She’s BACKKK”. Mick Fleetwood chimed in with  “yes, our little songbird is back” which was to prove prophetic in a way since the last song of the night was in fact a Christie solo doing “Songbird”.

This came as a surprise to most as it would have constituted a 2nd encore. The first 45 minute encore included a massive drum solo complete with vocal stylings by Fleetwood, the ever popular “Don’t Stop” and “Silver Springs” the B-Side to Go Your Own Way.

ImageThe concert played like a best of with all the expected songs like “Second Hand News”, “Rhiannon”, “Say You Love Me” (a personal favorite) and “Go Your Own Way”.

Nicks’ dedication de jour for “Landslide” included the lighting man who has been with the band since what..1974? I (erroneously) thought it was written for her father, but it’s reported he merely loved the song and claimed it as his.

The full lineup was there with Mick Fleetwood on drums, Stevie Nicks on vocals, dance and cool tophats, Lindsay Buckingham on guitar and vocals, the ultra-cool John McVie on bass, Christie McVie on keyboards and vocals. Even Nicks’ sister Lori got into the act as one of three backup singers.

So, this was one well-oiled show, the segues and the ques were tight and well done. On a personal note, though I’ve heard most of these songs many times over the years, I enjoyed myself.