Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageFresh off our visit to Kansas City for Folk Alliance International, we were greeted by one of our favorite groups from that event in the form of Baskery.

This Swedish trio of sisters were playing at McGonigels Mucky Duck just thirteen days after we saw them blow away a packed ballroom at FAI. They have been together since 2006 and we’ve been ardent followers since we saw them at this same venue at a KPFT Birthday bash in what I think was 2010. Life is a blur for Rose and myself when it comes to years gone by, but not with seeking out these talented lasses.

Stella Bondesson holds down the stand-up bass and is the resident smart ass in the band, as she displayed many one liner funnies throughout the nearly 2 hour set. This tidbit especially stood out: “We’ve found out f*ck means spongecake in Swedish!” Classic.

Sunniva Bondesson is the perky pepper pot on acoustic and electric guitar, who has really matured and is gettin’ down right nasty, especially on electric.

Greta Bondesson holds down the center, anchored on “banjitar”, foot pedal drums and mouth harp with such relentless power it is a wonder to behold live.

Since their inception, monikors like killbilly, banjo punk, mud-country and punk Americana have been attached to them, but I prefer just stunning musicians wrapping sleak blending harmonies with assault rifle force to their gigs.

Touring behind 2013’s ‘Little Wild Life’ saw the band trying to branch out to the full package of jamming hard rock with ballads mixed in. Baskery has made the move to Nashville and I can see the influence of commercial packaging at work which is not a bad thing in their case.

New ones showed soft embellishing harmonies on “Big Flo”, “The Shadow” had Go Go’s fused pop feel to it and “The No No” had a, as Greta shouted, “Let’s get groovy” feel to it! The verosity that they can play at and then shift to a ballad is an impressive mix to stardom.

Killer regular tunes that shook the joint were “One Horse Down”, mind bending “Throw A Bone” and the close out rocker “Haunt Me”.

The most impressive thing that grabbed us this time thru H-Town was how the band has learned to stretch their existing material to 70’s style jams. None better than encore of “Out-Of-Towner”. They blazed the dumbfounded crowd in Kansas City with this one and like wise at the Duck!

Even better were the responses by Sunniva when I told her about Baskery’s progression: “Well you’d think that would be the natural way to progress.” Greta said: “It sure beats going backwards!” Amen, ladies and one adjective that continues to ring true with HMR is these girls have major “spunk”. Word is that spunkiness is booked already for a return visit to Houston June 3rd at the cozy confines of McGonigel’s! We’re so there…God Bless all you music lovers!