Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageGrowing up rocking in the 70’s was a great era of music for me.  Moving to Texas in the 80’s I got to experience the styles from that era along with the “Grunge Movement” that spilled into the 90’s.  Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam were all faves, but one band stood out that I dug during that time was Bush.

Hard to believe they started over twenty years ago, plus I was unaware they had put out an album in 2014 called ‘Man On The Run’.   They tossed in some tunes from it along the way, including title cut and “The House Is On Fire”, which held up well live.  Plus 2011’s release, ‘The Sea of Memories’, represented well with “The Sound of Winter” and “Bodies in Motion” steaming thru the blur that is a Bush concert.

Of course, the packed house at this acoustically fine venue in Houston really came to hear the mega shredders that they became famous for back then and Gavin Rossdale was more than up to the task to deliver them!  Gleaming with sweat from the get go, dude pranced like a possessed mad man all over the stage not showing his age (50) whatsoever.  He appeared hungry and out to make this an impression type gig rather than a trip down memory lane nostalgia type thing.

ImageOutstanding bombs that were dropped on the adoring audience were “The People That We Love”, ground shaking “Everything Zen”, anthem “Machinehead”, “Glycerine” and “Comedown”.  But the stand out moment for this reviewer was when Rossdale continued to do his out in the crowd spot on version of “Little Things”.  He made his way thru the throng (I got to slap his back!) on the SRO floor and even into the balcony not missing a beat of the awesome song!

Die hard is not a way I’d describe myself as a fan of this band, but I applaud their approach to rock the place down in a machine gun fashion without much glitzy fan fare. Quite frankly I’ve never known WTF Rossdale was ever saying on most of his songs, but the results are obvious. They can still fill an arena to the gills and send everybody home sweating and smiling………….I’ll take that !

See ya out and about enjoying LIVE music!