Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageEvery Spring a very cool event pops up that catches our fancy.  It is the Spring, Texas Crawfish Music Festival that spans two weekends in late April/early May.  It is chocked full of fun with things to appease lil kidders to adults and all in-between.  Lots of good grub, highlighted by jumbo crawfish of course, with all of your carnival type atmosphere driving the fun to high limits.

Camel rides, lots of motorized amusement type rides and even goats and alligators to gaze upon!  An early morning rain storm did not stop us from hauling butt from down south to take in the afternoon music line-up that always seems to be worthwhile. This year was no exception and we’d like to do a capsule commentary on the three we were able to cover.


ImageThis cute young thing hails from Flower Mound, Texas and calls Nashville her home now where she’s attending college. .  She was full of energy and had a solid backing 5 piece band ta boot.  She brought to mind a young Shania Twain kind of feel and pulled it off quite nicely.

Highlights included “Good Day to Get Gone” plus a tune about a band member’s first kiss called “Gun Shy”. The band definitely had some country rock chops to them and the lady had the looks and “spunk” to make a good presence on stage.  Kaylee Rutland – Country Singer Songwriter has plenty of chances for you to download I-Tunes, too.

ImageThis cajun laced band got its start in 1992. Long time members include. Keith Dupuis on accordian, Ted Lee on bass, Mike Bourgeois on drums and Ken Reynolds on bad ass guitar, Stellar keys were manned by Dwayne Boehnemann who came on board shortly after thee others.

They’ve culled a cultish following with their good time rock influenced by their roots of Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Aerosmith and The Beatles all dumped into a “gumbo” of zydeco spiced rock.  Their progressive style lends to a rollicking good live performance that has been dubbed a “brotherhood” of fun.

They’ve put out 4 albums to date consisting of many originals intertwined with covers. “Get Your Groove On” pretty much summed up BR’s in your face style and their gig was as hot as the weather was this fine Texas afternoon!  Catch these fellows on this site http://www.bayouroux.com/index.php?page=band and go have fun in your area!


ImageThis South Austin band has been on our radar for years now . It was thee main reason we shrugged off bad weather and made the trek to Spring. This group has prided themselves on doing it thee old fashioned way-touring non-stop and spilling their guts on the stage. This gig was no different.

Celebrating their upcoming independent release of their 4th album 6/9/15 on Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers, ‘The Light’, they charged full bore thru 19 songs and blew the sun drenched audience away. Again!

UL always seems eager to PLAY their deep rooted rock and roll soulful country blues jammin’ music as a sacred and full of energy psychedelic experience.

Mike Carpentar does not look the part of a full on guitar shredder, but he sure does!  Toss in manic keys mad man Jonny Grossman, bold bass man Nigel Frye and cartoon animated skin smasher Josh “Afro Head” Greco and you have the makings of a non-stop vocal and musical onslaught.  Of course keeping the whole show together is the fuzzy bear himself, Kevin Galloway, who scores major with his heartfelt lyrical delivery and acoustic strumming.  He presides over this group like he is orchestrating and deligating with out a baton, but more like a beer in his hand.

Among the nineteen song blur some stand outs included “Age of Reason”, “Gulf Coast Gypsies”, “Ain’t It the Same”, killer “Liquor Store”, “Don’t Own the Right”,  “Million Ways” , scorching “Pocket Full of Misery” and the tune that back doored them in to Texas mainstream radio in 2013 “Keep The Wolves Away” !

This southern fried rollicking bunch of good dudes deserves a broader audience and I believe it will come if they continue to lead with their heart and rock with their soul……….

Out until next time and thanks major to Paul Ehmer and Melissa Haycraft who made this coverage possible for the fourth year in a row!!!  Laid back and fun is what this fest is all about .  What more could you ask for?