Written by Robert B. Johnson (@RobertSatellite on Twitter)

043015-wtm1Welcome Back to Houston

The last time WALK THE MOON was in Houston, it was a supporting role for Panic at the Disco. In the months since, WALK THE MOON has really broken out. Although the band’s self-titled release was certainly a success (spawning singles like “Anna Sun” and “Tightrope”), it’s the band’s latest release, Talking is Hard, that’s really making a splash. The lead single, “Shut Up and Dance,” has topped the rock charts for months.

So, when WALK THE MOON announced a national tour in support of its latest effort, it came as no surprise that shows sold out fast and tickets on the secondary market were going for hundreds of dollars.

Houston is one of WALK THE MOON’s more successful markets. As the fourth largest city and with radio stations like 96.5 giving the band regular rotation, a sellout was never in question. However, unlike some of the stops on the tour, the sellout in Houston was immediate. Fans anticipated the WALK THE MOON show at Houston’s House of Blue’s for months. On the day of the event, fans spent the day lined up outside just to be first to the perfect spot in front of the stage. In sum, the anticipation was nothing short of insane. With fans bearing signs, banners, and face paint, it was clear – WALK THE MOON has made it big. To add to it all, Yahoo! was in the house to stream the entire show live around the world.

At 9:40 p.m., the band took to the stage and opened with the first song off its latest release, “Different Colors.”

Incredible Guitar Work

From the start, WALK THE MOON guitarist Eli Maiman really shines through. Using a complex combination of amps and effects, Maiman layers riffs, chords, leads, and sounds in a way few other guitarists can. On the record, Maiman’s work stands out. However, Maiman’s work is integral to the sound and presentation of the WALK THE MOON live set. His performance on songs like “Work This Body,” “Portugal,” “Anna Sun,” and “Shut Up and Dance With Me” were perfect. His mastery of the guitar is something that may go under-appreciated in an industry bursting at the seams with new acts. However, his imaginative and brilliant musicianship at shows like the one in Houston will serve him well as his reputation grows.

Singing With Positivity

Frontman Nicholas Petricca’s connection to the fans was apparent from the time he took the stage, as he sported a signature face paint already mirrored by many fans in the crowd.

043015-wtm2This isn’t your “run of the mill” band. A WALK THE MOON show is uplifting and happy. Petricca dances and moves about the stage throughout the show. His vocal chops are smooth and on point. For Petricca, the live performance is the time to deliver something more important to the fans – a message that really resonates.

“I want everyone to picture for a moment floating in your personal atmosphere with all of the bullshit. All of the stuff that’s making you feel ugh… That’s eating you away.”

Petricca continued, “Whatever is making you tired, angry, and sad… push it up your body, up your spine, above your shoulders, above your shoulders, up into your fingertips … Until it’s gone”

Petricca’s live performance is upbeat and compelling, filled with positivity and love. For the fans, it’s clear the music is not only sonically pleasing, but also spiritually fulfilling. With sweaty face paint dripping from their faces, a united crowd danced to a common beat.

For Petricca, they are all one-in-the-same. “Welcome to our family. Welcome to our tribe. These people beside you are not strangers anymore. We lift each other up. We celebrate each other no matter how different we can be.”

WALK THE MOON – A Live Act to See

A WALK THE MOON show has it all. Brilliant musical performances, witty banter, and positive vibes. If you have the opportunity to see WALK THE MOON live, don’t pass it up. This is a band to watch.


Different Colors
Down in the Dumps
Spend Your $$$
Shiver Shiver
Up 2 U
Work This Body
Lisa Baby
I Can Lift a Car
Shut Up and Dance

All These Things I’ve Done (Killers Cover)
Anna Sun