Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageBack in 2013 Rose and I ventured to the Viva Big Bend music fest and had a great time.  One missing piece from that visit though was the absence of a band who had an unfortunate accident in Alpine on the way to the gig.  Finally this night in Houston we caught up with the all girl band, The Bluebonnets, founded by former Go-Go’s bass player Kathy Valentine.

Thee Austin native moved back to her hometown and re-formed the band in 2007 that began in Los Angeles in the 90’s. Oh yeah, KV does not play bass in a fluffy pop style band anymore, but now shreds along with Austin’s Eve Monsees on steamy hard rockin’ electric guitar! Filling out the squad are Dominique Davalos on bass and Kristy Mcinnis on drums.

Their new disc, “Play Loud” (they do!), a follow-up to the 2010 debut “Boom Boom Boom Boom” testifies to their hypnotic melt your face in a subtle guitar-bass-drums assault with all of them chipping in on vocals.

ImageHouston Press guru, William Michael Smith, touted this gig from day one and was spot on when he said that you should bring your rocking shoes and designated drivers to this one! This mesmurizing mash on Bissonnet Street blew the roof off the intimate confines of Under the Volcano from the get go with “Psychometer” from the new album featuring pounding bass riffs and scorching guitar jams harking back to memories of Joan Jett’s Runaways!

There were no ballads to be found at this show folks and how can’t you dig a band that does a tune titled “Pissin’ in the Wind”?!  They pounded out one rocker after another to the delight of the partying crowd culminating in Rolling Stone’s song “Love You Tonight” and an absolute foundation shaker of Tina Turner’s “Flatbush City”.

These ladies got rave reviews recently from their run thru New York City and from what we witnessed it was very deserved indeed.  This blues infused rock n roll quartet does not fit into any “category’ other than titanic fun with this reviewer and if you did not get off your duff to see this stuff you get another chance at the same venue June 17 @ 8pm.  HMR has that date circled no doubt………….YOU should, too!

See you out there.