091715-pms Written by Eddie Ferranti

Sometimes one line from a gig can define the entire show.

In the case of the Paper Moon Shiners at the killer cool Dosey Doe Music Cafe in Conroe, Texas, this was definitely the case. A fan commented to stud blues guitarist Frank Meyer and 1/2 of the Austin duo at a recent stop in Arkansas: “If you were going for different you over shot the mark!” HA!

Unless you’ve witnessed this pair in an up-close-and-intimate surrounding you cannot fully grasp the incredible talents that are on display. Sweet Elena Antinelli makes up the other 1/2 of this bizarre and lovable duo who bring to light a style of vaudeville and music of a generation that needs to be sung. To display humor along with un-real vocal range is not an easy task, but these two do it with ease.

After four loyal years of following them, we’re so impressed how their confidence level and presentation is getting sharp-as-a-razor cool. They run the gambit of off-the-wall tunes and  pardon me if I get titles wrong. Stellar bust a gut goodies included “Was An Old Lady”, “The Head”, a drop dead killer new one “The Yodeller” where Meyer went lower than the South Pole on his outrageous baritone, and the beyond tongue-in-cheek “Same Thang”.

091715-pms2They can shift gears and out right get down like “Come On In My Kitchen” where EA growls her way into your soul while Meyer picks your brain apart with funk and blues. They complement each other effortlessly and it is simply amazing how they do not laugh out loud when the crowd definitely is. Take it from some one who’s sides ache after every show I cover!

A Paper Moon Shiners’ show is like jumping in a time machine back to Prohibition and low lit beer joints which Elena alluded to the sweet lighting as “antiquey”, bringing a neato effect to their quirky ensemble. Hats off to the pros, Kevin and Jim, at this super bad ass place to catch a show. Steve Said has it going on  major with their professional nature and service. Meyer’s resonator guitar glows with talent and he can pluck the dickens out of a ukulele when called upon, too.

The duo gave HMR a heart warming shout out and dedicated a newbie that almost made me fall on the floor called “Mike the Headless Chicken” complete with the 1946 story behind it which paralyzed this reviewer! PMS have built a hearty list of songs to present in a throw back style of swing, jazz, blues, ragtime, folk and “funny bone”. Making trombone noises and horn sounds are awesome and stick in your head goodies like “Stickerbush”, magical “Minnie the Moocher” which amplifies the sexiness EA can bring to the table when she wants, “Who’s That Knockin’ at My Door”, X-Rated “The Devil” and a rowdy megaphone from all over the venue closer deluxe “Ghost Riders in the Sky”!!

This night there was a tight and very in to it audience that left satisfied and exhausted from boogie-ing  and roaring with laughter. Here’s wishing that the public wakes up and latches onto something both different and very entertaining filled with musical skills and a sense of humor ta boot.  Who the hail doesn’t need something like that is today’s mundane run of the mill acts being thrown at ya?? Check them out at : http://papermoonshiners.com/, contact direct at  papermoonshiners@gmail.com and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/papermoonshiners?fref=ts. Take the “different dive” back in time…You’ll be mighty glad you did.