100615-billyidol1Written by Eddie Ferranti

MTV, back when it first hit the airwaves, was a non-stop viewing party for me and my buds; back when they actually showed videos that is. Billy Idol happened to be one of the stalwarts who garnered a lot of air play and became a star because of it.

He’s still turning up the volume, pumpin’ his fist and snarlin’ away as a touring act bringing along his stud guitarist Steve Stevens these days! Idol rolled into the House of Blues in H-Town and did not disappoint the large jam packed crowd this school night.  I was amazed how packed the joint was and especially the younger audience that was there. Classic rock FM radio is still serving a purpose bringing older acts a lot of attention.

Because of that, Mr.Idol rolled out the radio hits and a few Generation X songs, as well. Stevens really made the trip worthwhile with his ample stretching of jams on familiar scorchers like “Cradle of Love”,  “Dancing With Myself”,  lead into rock jam filled with “Eruption” Van Halen-ish” blurps plus Led Zep “Over the Hills and Far Away” riffs to new one “Whiskey and Pills” and a stunning “White Wedding”.

Idol did his long time partner in crime justice by moving out of the way and sharing center stage often for his fleet fingered nuances on electric guitar big time. The tight 5-piece band ruled the stage for over 2 hours.

Bassist Stephen McGraith, drummer Erik Eldenius, keys Paul Trudeau and guitarist Billy Morrison helped deliver a very nice sound to the two front dudes.    Two of my faves did not disappoint, “Flesh for Fantasy” and “Eyes Without a Face”. I’m not a huge Billy Idol fan and I don’t think I’ve ever bought one of his albums, but he surely fills a void in my rock and roll life. Idol knows how to work an audience after 39+ years of doing it for sure and his fist pumps and voice may be a tad less powerful, but still very effective indeed.

The closer of “Mony Mony” sent the spent crowd home on a very positive note. Long live the great memories of MTV and hopefully Mr. Curl Lip will be back with this squad in tow again and again…