Written By Eddie Ferranti120315-paulthorn1

Something Rose and I have found out over the years is that the best way to relieve stress is to see live music.  After a taxing and quite stress filled week nothing is better than a Paul Thorn gig dropped into our lap.

The great folks out in Tomball, Texas at Main Street Crossing set us up for yet another great performance by Mr. Thorn and his kick ass band.  We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen this guy, but every show stands on its own merit for sure. Tonight the SRO crowd was treated to a mixed bag of goodies by this Tupelo, Mississippi rocker.

PT was backed by the talented lefty electric guitar wiz Bill Hinds, Ralph Friedrichsen on bass and vocals, Jeffrey Perkins on skins and some down and dirty keys supplied by Michael Graham.  He’s had this group intact for going on 15 years and it shows!

To say Thorn is tongue in cheek is putting it mildly.  His lyrics reflect the everyday life of the audiences that come to sing a long like “What the Hell is Goin’ On?”, so true to the heart “Everybody Needs Somebody” dedicated to couples who actually like one another and “Mediocrity Is King’!!  PT’s distinctive southern drawl banter between songs gut punches you with reality and is never too long to mess with the flow of the show.  Excellent cover of Ray Wylie Hubbard’s classic “Snake farm”, which he has made his own, ruled.

120315-paulthorn2His opening to “Pimps and Preachers” had to be seen to fully appreciate as he spoke of his father’s heavy handed upbringing coupled with his uncle’s sleazy view on real life.  Thorn appeals to the working class so well in a personable manner by saying things like on the  encore of “Everything’s Going to be Alright” in a meaningful way. His statement that nobody is all good and nobody is all bad was right on.   “This Is a Real Good Bye” had a priceless take on making eye contact with a woman in a bar.   PT can really amp it up when he wants to and nothing better than “Weeds in the Roses”!

The crowd this night seemed a tad taken aback by this modern day troubadour’s classic views on life, but this reviewer was up fist pumping all night. Never have I witnessed a from the heart dude who expresses his vision of life so well in “Every Day is a Good Day.

I know it sounds corny, but this was yet again a good feeling type show about people.  That is really his motivation which is a lot more than making music that makes you feel good.   Hats off to Billy Maddox, Thorn’s songwriting and business partner, who hooked up with me before the show and it felt like I’ve known him for years.  That’s what Paul Thorn permeates in his live gigs and y’all really should try it yourself.  I know it sure cured what ailed me after getting crushed by the corporate machine all week…