Written by Eddie Ferranti

BZ1 (10)Over the years of being able to attend Folk Alliance International one of the main treats  is being exposed to Canadian artists.  Being in Texas it is very rare that Canadians reach that far south to show their talents.  One such lady, Brandy Zdan, has relocated to Nashville to settle herself into a more music-fueled city .  BZ has been playing as member of The Trishas over the past couple of years until they went on hiatus.  Gaining fame as a member of Twilight Hotel in her native land where their two albums were nominated for prestigious Juno awards, she’s stepped out on her own now with a killer “debut” album called “Brandy Zdan”.  By the likes of the trio she brought this night it displayed her ability to be the front lady big time.

“I Can Look Bad On You’ rocked out of the gate and she immediately reminded me of the 80’s band, The Divinyls, with a  thrashy punk style and pleading vocals.    Found out soon this ain’t no Trishas here son!  Her songs were on the  short side and filled with a  thumping good beat.  Zdan seemed very comfortable out front and let the band and her fine music do the talking.Excuse spelling, but I believe drummer was Pat Maisky and Daniel Thomas Phipps held down a good bass and lended backing vocals.

“People Like Us” was a fine tune written about the many trips back and forth from Canada to Nashville. Other highlights included “I Don’t Believe in Heaven-I Don’t Believe in Hell”, “Nowhere to go But Anywhere” a happy song about her dad and a very nice cover of  Tommy James and the Shondells “I Think We’re Alone Now” which really got the crowd singing!  Talk about diggin’ deep and nailing it.  It is cool to watch a performer pour her heart and soul into every song like Zdan does.  Can’t say enough about her mesmerizing jamming sultriness that was unleashed as a solo artist!

BZ1 (1)The album debuted in November 2015 and has been well received.  Deservedly so indeed.  She closed out the gig with newbies “Take You For Miles Until You Disappear”,  smokin’ “Love to a Ghost” and “Courtship of Wild Horses”.  To add to a very diverse night of musical talent she used an electronical  auto harp on “Whenever You Come Around” which put an exclamation point on the show!  Zdan definitely has put a focused expression of her musical talents  to date on display with oodles of room for more ……Plus a back door bonus is a mini-tour with The Trishas coming up in March!!.

Here’s wishing her good luck no matter what she’s doing……….peace.