Written by James Killen

extraelectricinfinityIt’s been eight years or so since Daniel Barrett, Simon Wallace and Mike Meadows have put out anything together as Porterdavis. It’s not that they have been idle for that time. Barrett has been producing other artists, like Ruthie Foster and Meadows and Wallace are highly sought after session musicians, having played with the likes of Eliza Gilkyson and others. The result of the reunion, “Extra Electric Infinite”, is a unique blend of blues and folk and rock that was well worth the wait.

The title track stretches Wallace and Barrett out instrumentally while the lyrics touch on the timely issues of rising waters and introspection. “Albuquerque” is a classic blues leaving song, in the face of a dying relationship, with some excellent harmonica work. The lyrics of “Wrong by Your Side” wander all over the battlefield of relationship issues. “Trynottotry” is an existential lyrical journey featuring Meadows’ unique percussion in the forefront.

“Sweet Maybe” picks up where “Trynottotry” leaves off in a much more straight up blues style, featuring all three musicians more or less equally. “Ophelia, If I Land” is predominately vocals over harmonica, begging for another chance from the ex, with financial concerns in the background. The pace slows for “Easy with the World” coming more from a folk/gospel sound.

porterdavisBarrett leans heavily on the echo sound for “Ask”, a gentle tune about working through misunderstanding, featuring some interesting guitar effects to go with the vocal effects. “These Are Not for You” continue to implement the special recording effects while dealing with the ups and downs of being in a relationship. “Fatback” is a bluesy ode to finding oneself in freedom and looking for “fatback love”.

“Extra Electric Infinite” is a much different production than the last Porterdavis CD. The themes have grown up along with the members of the band. Still that unique interplay that only comes from the Porterdavis combo make these tunes unmistakably theirs. If you were a fan of the last disc, this one will not be a disappointment.