moody blues-1 Written by Dave Clements

As I prepared to write this review of the recent Moody Blues performance, my mind conjured up one word: Uncertainty.  I wasn’t sure it was going to happen.  I actually wasn’t sure it was going to happen times two.  There were good reasons for feeling this way.

First, The Moody Blues were scheduled to perform at the beautiful Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land on Wednesday, January 17th.  However, in spite of the fact that this great venue is located in typically mild southeast Texas, harsh winter weather was making fans (like me) wonder if they’d be able to venture out to enjoy this much anticipated Days Of Future Passed 50th Anniversary Tour.   The entire Gulf Coast got hit hard with sleet, rain, extreme cold and even snow.  Road conditions were something we almost never see and are ill prepared to handle. The Moody Blues caravan was having a tough time heading west from Louisiana where they’d just performed.  It was incredibly fortunate that both The Moody Blues and Smart Financial Center had the next night, Thursday, open.  This rarely happens so I guess hidden behind those snow clouds the stars were aligned!

The roads improved enough for ticket holders to only experience a 24 hour delay. I’m sure all those in attendance felt it was a small price to pay to get to witness the terrific performance by this legendary rock and roll band.

There were two sets with a brief intermission in between and the first set opened with one of my favorite MB’s songs I’m Just A Singer (in a Rock and Roll Band) and from there six additional songs took us to halftime. These included The Voice, Steppin’ in a Slide Zone, Your Wildest Dreams, Isn’t Life Strange and The Story In Your Eyes.

moody blues-109The second set was the Days Of Future Past album in its entirety. This LP was released in November 1967 and it had only two singles released during that time period.  The first was Nights In White Satin, and then a half year later Tuesday Afternoon was released.  As you can imagine those two songs garnered the most enthusiastic responses from the audience.  Certainly because they was so recognizable, and also because they’re just really great songs!  This nearly full house of fans sang along and swayed to the awesome music.

Graeme Edge, Justin Hayward and John Lodge wrapped the evening with Question and Ride My See-Saw. As we walked out it was easy for me to conclude that I got the full dose of The Moody Blues that I’d wanted and needed.  I was totally satisfied that I’d been right for years for putting them in my personal Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

And that brings us to the second part of my ‘uncertainty’. I wasn’t sure at all after all those years that The Moody Blues were ever going to be voted into the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.  I never could understand why they’d been seemingly overlooked.  Therefore, it was immensely satisfying to me to know that they finally made it in.  The guys will be officially inducted on April 14th of this year.

In closing remember to go see some live music very soon as there is no time to kill… and we need to keep live music alive!