Written by James Killen

jeanninehigginsPIXI met Jeannine at the 2017 SWRFA convention in one of the seminars. She was asking a question about how one knows when a recording is good enough to say “fini” and put it on the record. It was only a month or so later when I ran into her again at The Americana in Houston where she was doing an open mic and talking about her upcoming first CD. Jeannine has a lovely voice and I was anxious to see what she was able to produce with her own words.

The opening track, “Be Home for the Fall”, is very traditional folk and uses Autumn imagery to tell the story of a long distance relationship. Jeannine adds some orchestration as the imagery changes to that of a winter covering the seeds left behind that will grow in the spring as a parable for someone that has left her writings for others to find after death on “She’s Nobody (Emily’s Song)”. “She Won’t Stay” deals with the changing of a person as they move through life, much like seasons in a year. The story of commitment (or lack thereof) plays out in “Would You” and includes a nice acoustic guitar solo.

jeanninehiggens“Disappear” deals with the impermanence of love and how old lovers leave only traces of their presence in the wake of their leaving and features a very pleasant violin theme throughout. “Tell me Something True” deals with trust and betrayal in a relationship. “The Reflection” has a light rock feel to it and broaches the subject of getting one’s self-worth from another person. “Through My Eyes”, uses contrast to tell of the value of positive perspective.

Jeannine has produced a very personal collection of songs for her initial effort. The style is very traditional pop folk, although anyone that has heard her live performances knows of her ability to interpret soft classic rock tunes as well. What stands out throughout this disc is Jeannine’s voice, both in the lead and harmony vocal role. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear her voice added to the productions of others between now and the time that she releases her next collection of tunes.