Austin Jenckes-1Written by Dave Clements

Oh what a night of Rock and Roll! You couldn’t ask for more unless you asked the bands at the Pavilion to keep playing all night long. Since the local Woodlands residents wouldn’t likely appreciate that, we were happy to take what we could get. Thank You Lord for providing us with that much talent on the same stage on the same night in Houston Texas! We are blessed to routinely get the quality live entertainment that comes around every week somewhere in the greater Houston area.

This night we are talking Skynyrd, Bad Co, the Outlaws and The Voice contestant Austin Jenckes who started the party way before the sun ever went down.

I had never heard Jenckes before because I don’t watch much television. I was very pleased that he was on the bill.  His robust vocals were enjoyable to listen to and his choice of songs was very interesting. I certainly would go see him if he were headlining in the area.  I’m sure that could happen someday soon.  He is good enough to draw his own crowd.

The Outlaws-42And speaking of drawing a crowd, The Outlaws can in my estimation do that eleven out of every ten nights about anywhere in the USA. These guys are so good to listen to and the outstanding guitar work is really worth the price of admission on its own. Besides the pure music they produce the songs they play fit my ear perfectly. As you might have heard me mention before High Tides and Green Grass is such an epic song and my bottom line is I can’t hear it too often.  And although they didn’t play as long this night as I would have preferred they did stay on stage long enough to kick off their set with There Goes Another Love Song and also got in Hurry Sundown and Ghost Riders in the Sky. Henry, you and your bandmates hurry back to the Lone Star State!

Bad Co LS-17Mr. Paul Rogers and drummer Simon Kirke (both former Free band members) and their Bad Company mates were next up and by the time they left the stage I’m saying to myself ‘good grief what a night of music and the freakin’ headliner hasn’t even been on stage yet’ ! These guys are just so good to watch and listen to. I have seen them numerous times live and they just keep on getting it done. Song after song each enthusiastically played, good interaction with the audience and the Paul Rogers classic smile that I just know is authentic. A recipe that may work for many more years to come and these guys have already been after it for a long while. How about 1973 as a start date? Their 13 song set included many of my favorites including Feel Like Making Love, Run With the Pack, Ready For Love, Shooting Star, R&R Fantasy, Bad Company and Rock Steady.

An added bonus for my wife and I is that we got to go back stage before LS went on and visit with Paul Rogers for almost ten minutes. We had made arrangements with his management to present him with a book that my partner Kevin Black and I had put together called Raising A Hand. Paul was in the book, page 14 on a spread with Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull. Paul was extremely gracious while we were together and it was conspicuously obvious that this guy is the real deal. Such a pleasurable experience for Cathi and me and that 10 minutes will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Thanks Paul & Brenda!

One final Bad Company comment…directed towards the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame….why isn’t this band in your Hall? Are you kidding me, are there any readers out there that can tell me what am I missing?

Bad Co LS-90Lynyrd Skynyrd hit the stage actually ahead of schedule which was fun to experience vs bands that don’t start when they are supposed to. What can you say about this group that hasn’t already been said? They have a near cult following from around the world…and why not? They are special performers with special songs and that will always be a winning combination. None do it better and they have been perfecting their craft for a very long time, even with much tragedy in their past. This is the second time I have seen them in the last 6 months.  To go from that to perhaps never seeing them again LIVE is a thought I do not relish. They are calling this 2 year tour LAST of the SREET SURVIVORS FAREWELL Tour.  If it is indeed their last time through what a loss to those of us that still have many more years of R&R blood left in our veins .

They closed with Free Bird as you would expect and think about how many times you hear someone request that song from a band and now knowing the only band you really want to hear sing it has sung it for the last time in our great State of Texas.

Until next time I hope you will keep the families in Santa Fe in your hearts and prayers as the community tries to deal with the terrible act of violence it experienced on May 18th, 2018.